October 1, 2021, is the time that the new fiscal year (FY) will begin. And the 12 appropriations bills have the setting on how Congress will not have enacted the discretionary spending levels. The deadline for lawmakers is until midnight during the final day of the fiscal year.

The enacting of legislation that will fund the programs covered by the appropriate process should be done on September 30; failure to do so will lead to the shutdown of the government. A continuing resolution is likely to be considered, and the resolution will allow lawmakers more time to finish the work on spending bills. All activities of the federal will be affected during the shutdown of 2022.

Appropriations of discretionary cover the activities of federals. Opposition came way back during the recent 2019 shutdown that started in late 2018, stretching towards early 2019. During that shutdown, it affected agencies and departments. Therefore, we are going to discuss some questions, which includes:

  • What Is Government Shutdown?
  • What Are The Services That Is affected In A Shutdown And How?
  • Is The Government Preparing For Shutdown?

What Is Government Shutdown?

Congress passes annual funding, which a lot of federal government agencies and programs put their trust in. Each year, it is like a duty for Congress to pass, and the government must sign the following year’s budget legislation. The next year’s budget legislation consisted of 12 appropriations bills and one for each Appropriations subcommittee.

Congress has not yet enacted the 12 bills for FY 2022 that have the discretionary spending budget. The federal agencies will have to stop all discretionary functions that are not important during a “shutdown.” It can only be lifted when new legislation funding is signed and passed into law. But essential services will have to continue functioning just like the mandatory spending programs.

What are the services that are affected by a shutdown, and how?

Each federal agency is developing shutdown plans, and the guidance that will be released during the previous shutdown; the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will coordinate everything. The activity of government that is likely to be discontinued as be identified through the plan, until the restoration of appropriations, which the requirements of layoffs and the halting of many activities of the agency.

Therefore let’s look into The services affected and how the public will feet the impact of a shutdown in different ways.

  • Social Security and Medicare-:

Benefit verification and card insurance would stop when checks are issued out. In 1995-1996, a shutdown occurred, and 10,000 Medicare applicants were turned away temporarily during the shutdown every day. But it is unlikely for such to occur again.

  • Environmental and Food Inspection-:

Site inspection of 1,200 various sites, including hazardous waste, chemical facilities, drinking water, and Food and Drug Administration, was halted In 2013 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and it delayed over 900 inspectors. The shutdown that took place 2018-2019, few weeks into the deadline of funding for high-risk products, was restored by the FDA in some food Inspections.

  • National Park-:

So many visitors have turned away to over 400 parks, national monuments, and other sites by the national Park-service in 2013. An estimate was given that the shutdown led to more than $00 million of lost visitor spending nationwide. Although many parks were still opened during the 2018-2019 shutdown, no visitor service was provided.

Is the government preparing for a shutdown?

The OMB maintains a list of different contingency plans, and the federal government will follow suit during a shutdown. During the past three years, many updates have been done, but during a shutdown threat during late 2015, there have not been any updates.


We have seen the important things there is to know about the shutdown of the federal government. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is the one in charge of coordinating all procedures. Although during any shutdown, we have also seen the negative effect on how it affected some services.


Hundred of thousands of lives have been lost due to pandemics. And so many Americans have been grieving in isolation. It is not a joyful thing to discuss, but it is a very thoughtful thing for installing on a national Mall to provide a space for morning the nation and loved ones.

Read on to find out how they tend to achieve it.

Created Memorial For Covid 19 Victims

There are white flags that blanket 20 acres of National Mall made while walking across the deceased. It has been put in place to honor the Americans that can lose their lives through COVID-19. Because of this issue, many visitors who pass through the dead bodies always stop to put in writing a short note that talks about farewell on the flag with their own hands.

So many people don’t get the chance to say a proper goodbye to their loved ones before they die. They only get the chance to say an intimate goodbye or a national goodbye.

From all corners of the world, families, friends, and other relatives of the victims affected by COVID-19 have done all they can to be available to come over and see the “America remember.” Over 680000 people who have been affected by the pandemic have been honored through a public art installation, says Maryland artist Suzanne Brennan. There is a flag exhibit that goes on on Sunday on the ground, which Washington Monument surrounds.

There are hundreds of flags in rows distributed in sections of 149; each flag has a foot from the ground. There is a breathtaking immensity of loss. And workers help in the installation exhibits, which also includes over 300 volunteered.

A white flag was placed by Ellen Benson, who came from Bergen County, NJ. The flag expresses his heartfelt sympathy. When it says, “in their heart and soul every single day, it shows how they miss their dead loved ones so much that they can’t forget who they are. Some will never believe that such could happen to them; some will think it’s just another common dream they will wake up. But the fact is that they are gone.

Not too long when borders were being sealed, and schools and people started experiencing lockdown. Unfortunately, Benson’s husband was gone, along with your two sons and father. It is so bad that it can run a person insane. Before you can think  Of any solution, you will be devastated. Hence the chance of sending messages to a dead loved one can go a long way in releasing pains.

It is a year and a half old since COVID-19 that we have been dealing with covid. It all seems like it was yesterday; that’s is what Benson confessed. He also adds,” what you think life will look like, suddenly everything ends and leave you with nothing.

Most times, we tend to have fulfilling plans, calculating everything, and doing our best. Death is like an enemy everyone disdain, but no matter who you are, there’s nothing you can do if it knocks on your door.

The pandemic has left millions of people trying to get in touch with their husbands or those trying to reconcile the human cost that is involving the public crisis. Not everyone but few people have gotten used to the situation, but others are more inclined at finding answers to what happened to their loved ones.


The creation of a memorial to COVID-19 victims is a very thoughtful decision to make. But the lives that were lost is a very safe experience, a each of their family and friends will continue to remember them through the mean provided.


To get the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic under control, President Biden’s administration has taken the most aggressive effort to push the latest vaccination. So federal employees, federal contractors, and healthcare workers at all facilities. There has to be a show of proof of vaccination to all federal contractors, federal employees, and health care workers at facilities that receive federal funding.

Reviewers have seen the movie by the President as a setback of the promise he made before to avoid mandates that have vaccines. But the federal health officials agree with the suggestion, hoping it will be the best way to fight against the new disease, the contagious delta variant. The death by which the virus is taking people’s life is ever increasing.

The pandemic is multiplying instead of decreasing. It has made So many workers in the US will have to choose between submitting to weekly Covid testing or proof of vaccination. They will not have to go against the law of the President. Therefore we will consider how broadly the new vaccine mandate has gone around.

President Biden’s New Vaccine Mandate

  • When it is mandatory with no testing option, the federal contractor and employees who have worked with the government face a renewed vaccine mandate. And they will no longer decide on whether they will have regular testing.
  • The President has ruled that anyone who wants to do business and wants to work with the federal government will have to be vaccinated. Also, any workforce that wants to do business with the federal government will have to be vaccinated.
  • The President also gives strict mandates on health care workers. He ordered that all health care facilities that receive federal Medicaid funding mandate vaccines compulsory for their workforce with no option of tasting.
  • Recently, the administration of Biden strictly mandated vaccines for employees only at the nursing homes of the US receiving federal funding. Few States have also been affected, including Maine and York, have made it compulsory for their health care workers to be vaccinated.
  • Biden made a straightforward assurance to people who want to treat themselves at a health care facility that they should be aware that those who will treat them are well vaccinated.
  • The President also orders all staff at Head Start programs that the federal government runs must be vaccinated. It doesn’t stop there; orders are still extended to schools handled by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Department of Defense, of which over 300,000 people have been affected.
  • Despite the President mandating covid vaccine, over 80 million US workers will have the option of showing proof that they are free from carrying the virus. They will do so by submitting to Covid 19 test weekly.
  • The labor department’s occupational safety and health administration will be to implement the new law.
  • The President will order employers to provide paid time off so that employees can get vaccinated. Both public and private sectors are also included.
  • President Biden ordered that no one should take a loved one to get vaccinated, and they should also not lose pay to get vaccinated.
  • Anyone who fails to obey the orders of the President will face the consequences.


COVID 19 has affected a lot of things negatively. President Biden has made orders to prevent the risk of the spread of the pandemic to save lives. There are a lot of consequences involved for anyone who fails to obey the stipulated orders.

Recent Changes to the Social Security System

Did you hear that there are brand new changes to the Social Security System? This article is going to talk about some of these changes. 

What are these Recent Changes to the Social Security System

The recipients of Socio Security have gotten a one point three percent raise for the year 2021, compared with the one point six percent increase that various benefactors got in the year 2020.

There are various maximum earnings subject to the Social Security tax that also increased from one hundred and thirty-seven thousand, seven hundred dollars annually to one hundred and forty-two thousand, eight hundred dollars. 

There are a lot of other changes in the year 2021. These changes include increasing the amount of money on working, which Social Security recipients could earn before their benefits would reduce. There are also slight rises in benefits from disabilities. 

Social security tax rates end up remaining the same for the year 2021. Six-point two employees and then twelve point four percent on the self-employed list. 

It presently takes around a thousand four hundred and seventy dollars to earn a single social security credit which would reach sixty dollars from 2020. 

Summary of Recent changes to the Social Security System 

The available beneficiaries have gotten a one-point-three increase. 

In 2021, around seventy million social security recipients have seen a one-point three percent COLA (Cost of living adjustment) added to the monthly benefits they get. This adjustment helps them keep in pace with inflation, and it is based on the CPI for Clerical and Urban Wage Earners as is calculated by the BLS (Bureau of Statistics). Suppose the Consumer Price Index increases at a rate higher than 0.1% after the next year between the previous year’s third quarter and then to the third quarter of the current year. Then the Social Security number would raise benefits using the same amount. 

The Taxable Maximum Earnings Increased to One hundred and forty-two thousand eight hundred dollars. 

In 2020, employees were all needed to pay a six-point two dollars on their social security tax. Here, their employers matching these payments on the income of around one hundred and thirty-seven thousand, seven hundred. Any of these earnings above this specific amount was not subject to this tax. In the year 2021, the rate of tax did not change. It remained six point two percent, but the cap in income increased to one hundred and forty-two thousand eight hundred dollars. 

The rate of full retirement keeps on rising. 

The absolute earliest time to begin claiming their Social Security Retirement benefits is at the age of sixty-two. But claiming this before your average or full retirement age would end up permanently reducing your payout. 

For people aged sixty-two in 2020, the complete age of retirement was sixty-six and eight months.

My thoughts on these recent changes to the Social Security System

These changes would affect all those involved positively and the nation seems to be becoming more prosperous.


Did you hear that the President of the United States of America has planned to lower the price of Prescription Drug Costs? This is excellent news for people who are ill and those who are struggling to survive due to the high costs of drugs.

What does the President Believe in?

President Biden truly believes that health care is extremely important for everyone. It is at this point not a privilege anymore. He stated that no American should suffer from difficult choices between paying for these prescription drugs and other essential needs like feeding and shelter. And yet, there are various Americans that face these challenges. Looking at things from an average point of view, citizens of America pay two to genre times as much as people from various other nations. One in four Americans that take prescription drugs still struggles to pay for their medications.

Pharmaceutical companies try their best to handle groundbreaking work that ends up saving lives. There is a remarkable difference between developing clinical milestones and driving up the drug prices that Americans rely on. The change is truly needed.

Trying to make other needed Policy Reformations to get the prices of drugs to Reduce

For people on drugs, did you know that consuming multivitamins help to increase your level of wellness? You could try a multivitamin today and watch how well you would feel over a period.

President Biden has stated that an end needs to come on the increase in prices over time. Their drug companies which raise their prices faster than the inflation rates, need to pay the penalty. These days, seniors who take expensive drugs could face an unlimited level of exposure to these very high drug prices. These need to be fixed, and a firm cap needs to be established on the medicare beneficiaries need to pay from their pockets for drugs annually.

Creation of Existing Progress which would help in reducing the Cost of Prescription Drugs

All of these reforms would end up reducing premiums and co-pays for millions of Americans. The prices of insulin could easily fall by hundreds of dollars on average. Also, the price for these arthritis medicines could fall more than two thousand dollars monthly. For some expensive drugs, the prices would also fall by many dollars as the year unfolds. These price savings could help leave some funds in the pockets of seniors. Someone making use of a cancer drug would save at least nine thousand dollars every year, and seniors who do not make use of expensive drugs would easily see their premium cut.

On average, the medicare benefactors would save around two hundred dollars and not just drug benefactors that would benefit, but many other people too. Soon, all the beliefs of President Biden would become a reality. And then, struggling to pay for essential prescription drugs and to pay for drugs which are highly expensive would not be a problem anymore. The problem would simply to get better.


Have you heard the news recently? It has been said that the U.S. Federal Workers Require Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations. This news is coming up like this because the COVID-19 vaccines are widely available in every part of the United States of America. They protect different people from getting infected and from getting ill severely from the Corona Virus.

These COVID-19 Vaccinations also significantly reduces the rate of death and hospitalization.

What is Happening with the Covid-19 Vaccines

At the moment, one of the vaccines, also known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine known as Comirnaty, has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The Food and Drug Administration has authorized about two others: the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine and the Moderna for use in emergency cases. The FDA has also agreed that three vaccines have met all rigorous standards for manufacturing quality, effectiveness, and safety.

The safety and health of the federal workforce and the safety and the health of members of the public with the people they interact with are pretty foundational to how efficient the civil service is. It has been determined that the safety and health of the federal workforce and how efficient civil service is required immediately, which protects the federal individuals and the workforce. It is also quite essential that these federal employees take all the steps to avoid spreading COVID-19 and protect themselves and the members of the public with their Co-workers. The CDC has noticed that these are the best ways to use these vaccines and keep everyone vaccinated. There is no other option because this law is now required, and it is compulsory.

The Safer Workforce Federal Taskforce, established by Executive Order 13991 on the 20th of January, 2021, has protected the federal workforce, requiring everyone to wear their masks. This has issued essential guidance which protects the individuals and the workforce from interacting with the federal workforce. Various agencies have taken necessary actions, including in various cases needing the Covid-19 vaccination for various members of their workforce. It is because of these reasons that the Federal Workers are all required to get one of these three vaccines which have been approved by the FDA.

Also, building on all of these actions and looking at the light of public health guidance regarding the most effective and essential defenses against the Covid-19 virus. It has been determined that to promote the safety and the health of the federal workforce and keep up with the efficiency of the civil service. It is crucial to require COVID-19 vaccination for every federal employee. These are all subject to such exceptions, which are required by this new mandatory law.

What Happens in the absence of these mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations?

Without these mandatory Covid-19 Vaccinations, the efficiency and the protection of these critical members of society would be at stake. The rate at which the spread of the virus would reduce would not be the same. This mandate is essential for these United States Federal Workers.

COVID-19 Update: How Far We’ve Come Since 2020

How far have we come since the COVID-19 outbreak took place?

Did the projected scenario of economic breakdowns and social unrest that everyone was scared about actually happen?

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy is tremendous. I wished that this was a thing that didn’t have to happen, but it was inevitable. The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the state of the economy. The recent global pandemic is a good example of how much progress we have made since 2020 to control infectious diseases.  We’ve seen numerous examples of prevention measures implemented with full support from various sectors and government agencies worldwide. In many ways, it seems like society has collectively come to terms with the fact that there will always be a possibility of new infectious viruses entering our bodies through the air, water, or fingers.

How Far We’ve Come:

The Education Sector Post-COVID-19

During this decade, many improvements in education may help the economy bounce back from the recession. However, the question is if it will be suitable for the children who will benefit from these changes in schools. Some countries are still in the process of judging whether or not the pandemic affected them. Therefore, the students still need more support in basic needs like nutrition and health. Even if these improvements are implemented to make it easier for students to finish school using virtual learning integrated with the LMS platform, they still would need more time and effort than required before the advent of virtual education. For students, the internet is not a playground for entertainment and games anymore but another way to develop their researching skills.

The Health-Care System Post-COVID-19

As we approach the Post Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential to remember that we have come a long way since 2020. Before Covid-19, people relied heavily on the healthcare system and depended on doctors and hospitals to care for them. Some people got care from friends or family members, while others had clinics and doctors through group programs. Because individuals had such limited access to healthcare before COVID-19 struck, it set up a domino effect that caused the health care system to collapse financially. As a result, most people still aren’t receiving the care they need but have nowhere else to turn for help.

The Economic Impact Post-COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected every family and small business in the world. However, expectations are different this time around. Families need to have faith in the future of their companies, and their offspring have a high expectation that their parents will provide the proper support and information to ensure their success. In addition, economic indicators continue to be weak, which can stimulate more optimism, especially if families have seen their household income decrease over previous years, which is a critical disincentive for saving and investing.

The economy has made remarkable progress since 2020. A significant part of the recovery has come from people looking to re-evaluate their spending. Many are worried about saving money and putting off big purchases instead of taking small steps now and then. To protect all people’s health, well-being, livelihoods, and nutrition and ensure that the future’ new normal’ is a better one. In addition, you must rethink how to save the environment and avoid climate change and environmental degradation.

The Impact of the #MeToo Movement in U.S. Politics

The #MeToo movement is a collective of victims who have come forward to share their stories of sexual harassment and assault. In recent months, many prominent men in American society have been accused of sexual misconduct, and the #MeToo campaign has been a voice for those affected by these crimes against women.

The #MeToo movement began as a social media campaign against sexual harassment and has since evolved into a broader examination of institutional sexism in the United States. The outpouring of stories from both men and women has been eye-opening and disheartening. It has forced us to confront our own experiences with sexual harassment in the workplace and our everyday lives. Many people are now speaking out about sexual harassment in various forms. However, it is still fairly common for men (and women) who have experienced such harassment to stay silent about their experiences.

The #MeToo movement has impacted how women are represented in the media and the workplace. As a result, many people are talking about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. This has manifested itself in women running for office, holding leadership roles in various industries. Although this has had on society cannot be underestimated, the Impact on the #MeeToo in U.S Politics is worth noting.

The Impact of #MeToo in the U.S Politics

Banning of nondisclosure agreements

States are passing legislation that will make it illegal to ask for nondisclosure agreements in sexual cases. After several high-profile sexual harassment cases were brought to light through the #MeToo challenge, this came to be.  This new legislation prevents victims from being forced into secret settlements with their abusers, meaning they can share their experiences with others without fear of being charged with the crime.

Provision of Protection for more workers

Federal sexual harassment laws do not protect independent contractors. This implies that self-employed individuals have very legal recourse should they ever be harassed while working.  Self-employed people like actors, farmers, and many others have nowhere to go in cases of sexual harassment. This was one of the significant issues the #MeeToo brought to the light. In response, states like New York expand their sexual harassment laws to cover more workers, incredibly independent contractors.

Revamped the rules for handling sexual harassment

Congress has revamped the rules for how sexual harassment is handled. It has removed the three-month people that victims of sexual misconduct have to go through counseling before they are even allowed to file lawsuits. Congress also made laws that prohibit legislators from using their office’s budget to pay harassment settlements.


The #MeeToo campaign spurred an explosion of sexual harassment cases in the country.  We  have discussed some of the ways the #MeeToo campaign impacted U.S politics. First, we discussed how it helped in the Banning of nondisclosure agreements that make it illegal to ask for nondisclosure agreements in sexual cases. Also, we discussed how it led to the Provision of Protection for more workers, primarily self-employed, who have had little or no legal recourse. Lastly, we talked about how the #MeToo campaign revamps the rules for handling sexual harassment.

Should I Wear a Mask to Protect Myself Against the Delta Variant even if fully vaccinated?

CDC reported that people who were vaccinated rarely contracted the virus and were unlikely to spread it. Because of the Alpha-variant that was then prevalent,  the vaccine would need to be effective against the dominant strain. Covid-19 was already going down. But the country is in a different situation now.  Now, fewer than 50% of the U.S. population has been vaccinated. However, the Delta-variant of Covid-19 is fueling another surge in cases. As a result, the agency has walked back on its own words and suggests that even fully vaccinated people living in communities with high transmission rates should wear masks when in public or indoor.

Experts have pinpointed the COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States as being highly effective against the Delta-variant of the Flu.

Then comes the question, if the vaccines work so well, why should vaccinated people go back to wearing masks?

Even if you are vaccinated against Delta-variant, then you can spread it to other people.

According to a top U.S. infectious disease expert, the level of virus in your system is about a thousand times higher than when you were infected with the alpha variant. In addition, it has been well documented that though it is a rare occurrence, you could transmit the virus to uninfected individuals. So while you might not necessarily fall ill from an attack from the Delta variant due to your vaccination, you will be a carrier and spread the flu.

You are susceptible to breakthrough infections.

Various studies show that the delta variant is more transmissible than the alpha variant. It replicates sooner and faster, making it spread easier. According to data CDC released the outbreak in Massachusetts in early July, 74% of the 469 people tested were positive. 74% had been fully vaccinated.  A large number of the breakthrough infections had symptoms.

Children under 12 years of age are highly susceptible to the virus

Although children account for a small share of infections and severe outcomes throughout the pandemic (compared to adults), the number of infected children has been rising in recent weeks. Currently, there is no authorized COVID-19 vaccine for children under age. This means they are more susceptible to contracting the virus.

You are immunocompromised

Suppose you are fully vaccinated but also have an impairment that weakens your immune system. In that case, you will be vulnerable to infection and, as such, would need to wear a mask still to protect yourself against the Delta variant.

Here are Other Ways to Prevent Illness

Side the use of masks, and there are other ways to prevent illness the use of Vitamin C for example.

Vitamin C enriches the blood and promotes a robust, positive immune system. Foods high in vitamin C include oranges, winter squash, broccoli, mushrooms, and tomatoes. It can also be synthesized into drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen, which treat high blood pressure. You should take vitamin C supplements if you have a weakened immune system or are taking medicines that diminish your immune system’s ability to fight off illness.

Liposomal Vitamin C supplements are the most cost-effective and efficient way to reap the benefits of Vitamin C without all of the risks associated with consuming supplements. These powerful nutrients work to improve immunity, support healthy nerve functioning and keep skin young and beautiful.

Core Med Science Liposomal Vitamin C Original Orange Formula has been extensively tested to improve immune function. In addition, it may help reduce the number of colds you get and shorten their duration. Core Med Science Liposomal Vitamin C Original Orange provides you with the highest quality curcumin supplement on the market. It is easy to swallow and has softgels that are made without soy, gluten, and dairy. Additionally, Core Med Science Liposomal Vitamin C is made in the United States of America.


Variants of viruses usually happen when there is a mutation to the genes of the virus.

RNA viruses have a natural habit to evolve such as the coronavirus. This change or evolution is usually a gradual process. Therefore it is said that mutation in viruses such as COVID-19 is not an unexpected change. It has also been noted that viruses vary in their speed of mutation or change. For instance, the flu virus changes or mutates often, which is why it is advisable by doctors that you get a new flu vaccine every year.

There is a concern about the changes or mutations occurring in the coronavirus variants if it could possibly have an effect on it’s treatment and prevention. The coronavirus variant known as B.1.351, identified in South Africa, had a minimal effect, and those who were given its vaccine which was said to be from Oxford-AstraZeneca, experienced or had a mild or moderate illness. This variant, in particular, has not been said to show any severity or more severe illness than the variants before it. Although people who survived the original coronavirus could have a mild or moderate COVID-29 if affected by the variant.

It is important to know if the COVID-19 vaccine will work on the new variants. It has been observed that the vaccines currently on ground could have little effect against some of the new strains or variants. It is advisable by medical personnels that people who have already received vaccination should look out for changes and also continue with the coronavirus safety precautions in order to prevent or reduce the risk of infection. Safety precautions such as wearing of masks. Social distancing and hand hygiene. Doctors have assured that there will be close tabs kept on the mutation or changes of the coronavirus and development of efficient vaccine along side with it.

The changes or mutations occurring in the coronavirus causing the development of new variants is a valid reason to be concerned. But doctors have assured that there is no need for any overreaction as they are keeping a close eye on the virus and it’s a mutation with time. As it evolves, examinations will be carried out on it. Meanwhile, we also need to play our part as well taking preventive measures against the virus seriously and to get vaccinated.

The currently COVID-19 vaccines in development are expected to give a certain level of protection against the new variants of the virus because these vaccines entail an effective amount of antibodies and cells giving it a large immune response against to virus variants. However, if there is any detection of a less effect against the variants occurring once or twice, the composition of the vaccines will be changed immediately for further protection against the variants. As much as we need to take the necessary preventive measures against the virus, it is also important that manufacturers and the programs using the vaccines would have to adjust the evolution of the COVID-19 virus. For instance, trials must be carried out and maintained to allow any changes in potency to be assessed and it must be of adequate scale and assortment to enable a clear interpretation of results. The WHO is working with researchers and health officials to have an understanding of how these variants affect the behavior of the virus.