How an Executive Order Gets Passed in the U.S.

Of all the documents owned by the president of our modern government, would in turn get converted to an executive order. All presents have at least issued one. These have totaled to more writings since the time George Washington became the president in the year 1789. Media reports of several changes have been made by executive orders. These executive orders have rarely come to explain what these documents mean. Several other details need to be available technically. These include the how and the why and the how. These all seem to be instant laws. At times these get steeped in controversy. Here there are Legal Teaching docs. These all try to unpack at times controversial legal documents that are produced by executive branches of the government of the United States. 

What it is not and what is it.  

For executive orders to get written, signed, and published, a directive from the United States president would get managed by operations done by the federal government. These are numbered using consecutive methods. These other executive orders could get referenced by their assignment numbers and their topics. Several other documents are presidential and at times they are referred to using executive orders for their purposes. Various proclamations get signed and consecutively numbered. These communicate these types of information during federal observances, trade, commemorations, and holiday information. These are also orders from administrative ends like messages, notices, letters, and memos. These aren’t numbered, they are signed and they are used in the management of matters which are administered to the federal government. All these three types of documents run by the federal government include proclamations, executive orders, presidential documents, and certain administrative orders. 

Some of all these are published using the federal register. This is the daily journal that is controlled and owned by the federal government which gets punished from the journals owned by the federal government which gets published to make the members of the public know what is going on. These also get cataloged using National archives that serve as official documents that are produced by the federal government. Both these executive orders and proclamations are backed by the law. 

Some of these executive orders are not known to be legislated. They do not require any approval from congress. Congress can not overturn these. Congress could most times pass legislation which might make all of these difficult or at times impossible. At times before they can carry out this order, orders like getting rid of finding or sitting by the United States president could change and become an existing executive order by issuing different orders to an effect. 

How one should feel about Executive Orders getting passed in the United States 

Executive orders sent by the rulers of a country like the United States need to be conversed with by members of the community. Without this, what is the essence of having a country that is ruled using democracy?

Current COVID News and How the Biden Administration is Responding

Let me just write this piece and get a break from conversing about the pandemic and Corona.

The president has talked about a plan that tries to battle the pandemic in the United States. This includes talking about a plan which would invest lots of money into nationwide vaccine campaigns. 

This plan which the president would discuss on Thursday night. He plans on investing about twenty billion dollars using the vaccination national program in partnership with territories, tribes, localities, and states. 

The vaccination pace would go slowly because these United States officials have hoped that the states would blame funds that are not sufficient enough and communication that is not consistent from the federal government and the very slow rollout. 

What occurred on Thursday 

President Biden unveiled his plan which would fight Covid 19 head-on by massively scaling up the testing methods and supporting schools fully re-opening. These would help in the creation of several health care Jobs and these funds would go to the campaign that is essential for vaccines. 

All of these plans were proudly and properly discussed on Thursday night from the headquarters where Biden was using to transition into being the full presentation at Wilmington Delaware that he would invest twenty billion dollars into vaccination program with aid from other states, territories, tribes, and localities. The pace of these vaccinations would go way slower than what the United States officials have hoped. These states would be blaming others because of a lack of funding and communication that is not consistent enough from the federal government and very slow rollout. 

The Resulting Deal 

The deal is that a higher amount of people that are vaccinated and the speed with which this is done, the sooner the United States can save more lives and forget about this pandemic. We would move forward with our lives and love those we care about way more. During the speech of Biden, we would not get out of this in a night. We would not get through this as a divided nation.

We all need to come together, band up, merge resources till we completely throw this pandemic and the disease itself into the garbage. Together, we can do this and there is nothing that can stop us. With great leaders come a great way for things like these pandemics to get handled. 

My thoughts on Current COVID News and How the Biden Administration is Responding 

I am so happy that the Biden administration is handling all of these using these methods. Like it is trying, using all of its energy to help the world and all of its citizens completely think about the effects of the pandemic as something from the past. Like the things the administration stated, with time, this would all be a thing of the past. When you truly do not want something to happen, all parts of your being would be extremely adverse to it. That’s how Biden feels towards Covid 19.

Changes Announced for the U.S. Minimum Wage

The entire nation fought and pushed for a fifteen dollars minimum wage which notched a serious win through our brand new president’s victory. It is not clear if his administration would pass brand new federal minimum wages. 

On a local level, half of the United States would raise their minimum wage in the year 2021. 

Great companies like Starbucks and Walmart have been announcing brand new hikes. These are available to pay for floors because they’ve tried to get workers all through the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Generally, all people together could ask the McDonald corporation to raise workers some wages which would hit a fifteen dollars minimum wage as well as getting rights to the union on the 23rd of May 2019 in Florida. 

They move towards fifteen dollars minimum wage which has gained way more ground in the year 2020  all through the electoral victory for the new president. There are other states too that have voted for this increase by fifteen dollars. 

Half of the United States would raise their minimum wage from twenty-one in the year 2020. All but five of these states like Virginia, Oregon, Nevada, Florida, and Connecticut would increase their hourly minimum come Friday. 

There’s also the federal minimum wage. This has not recorded any increase in more than a decade we think. These could completely and finally get a boost. These would also affect lots of workers that range from restaurant janitors aid cooks. The president has pledged to boost all of these to a fifteen dollar an hour and then get rid of tipped minimum wages. These are all low base pays which are given to employees that want to make the most of the compensation they desire from tips. He has said he would desire an indexed minimum wage that would properly match inflation. All these measures are properly in line with bills that got passed by the house of assembly in the year 2019.

Several different critics have stated that there are high minimum wages which hurts little businesses and causes losses of jobs. These would also add some pressure all through the economic crisis. Because of the pandemic, this year has got events that have raised brand new awareness about important roles that are held by hourly workers. There are those from low wages too. There is analysis from employment sites like Snagajob which has realized that about three-quarters of these hourly workers from the United States were better off sticking to brand new positions when the federal government had supplements that were three hundred dollars weekly. 

My Two Cents 

So now we all know that all through this article, fifteen dollars were flying everywhere. I think that’s the amount of increment the members of the public desire to be added to their minimum wage. But in a country like the United States, I always wonder why they would start stressing for their minimum wage should be increased. It’s all good though. They know what they are feeling properly.

Headline: Why Did Donald Trump Challenge Biden’s U.S. Presidential Election Results?

Before, during, and after the election, President Trump declared himself the winner by a “landslide win”, several times despite results showing the exact opposite. He also had over 45 cases taken to court with a majority thrown out. One of the cases he won did not cancel the results but rather asked for a recount which ended up declaring Biden the winner once again. All this brings up the question, why? Let’s discuss that.

The 2020 U.S Presidential Election is one that will go down in history. It is the election that occurred amidst a global pandemic. Several factors played extremely pivotal roles in the results of the election. The most prominent one would be the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 US elections were partly the results of how well President Trump handled the pandemic. Another is the tragic deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor which sparked worldwide demands for justice. It also shed a bright light on the racial injustice rampant in the American justice system and the country itself. These factors combined with agitation and easier access to voting registration resulted in an election that broke records. The 2020 US Election had the highest voter turnout the country has ever seen. Biden also became the President-Elect with the most votes ever received. This election also had the highest number of mail-in voters ever recorded. In a nutshell, voter turnout was unprecedented hence the inevitability of President Trump challenging the election results.

Now, why did President Trump challenge the results? President-Elect Biden had more electoral and popular votes. Biden received 306 electoral votes while Trump received 232 electoral votes. In popular votes, Biden received 51.3% of the total votes or 81,283,098 popular votes. Trump received 46.3% of the total votes or 74,222,958 popular votes. We know the numbers so let’s move onto the reasons Trump challenged the results.

  1. Campaign – President Trump’s campaign were in-person despite the pandemic. Perhaps the physical presence of his supporters lent him a false narrative that he would receive more votes.
  1. The dispute behind mail-in votes – Ever since the election was announced to heavily support mail-in votes due to the pandemic, President Trump has stated over and over again that mail-in votes were fraudulent and a way for the Democrats to steal the election through voter fraud, and electoral fraud. Trump alleged that people who did not exist would be voting and that the mail-in votes would be tampered with which led to a heavy Republican turnout at the voting polls. The physical presence of more Republican voters may have led to the rumor that Republicans were the majority which has been proved to be false.
  1. Swing States – Last but certainly not least we have the swing states. These are states that are not fully red (Republican) or blue (Democratic) states. The states we’ll be discussing are the states Trump won in the 2016 election. These are the states that got the most legal cases from President Trump. Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Michigan. These are states Donald Trump expected to win except he didn’t. 

Highlights of Biden’s 2021 Stimulus Plan

This plan would cost about nine hundred and eight billion dollars. It would extend the enhanced benefits for unemployed people, which is expiring. It would also reinstate the three hundred dollars bonus payment that occurs weekly. It wouldn’t provide a second check for stimulus, though. 

Biden became the United States president, can sign off executive orders that would offer some relief, like to extend loans for students and defer some moratorium evictions, which would be like the type Trump did back in August. This will be a complete brand new stimulus plan to provide Americans who are struggling to find out more about how we can give these people with all the funds they would need. How he would do this is not fully known yet. During his campaign, he stated and talked about His emergency action Plan, which is available to save the United States’ economy. This made a lot of ways to serve as direct aid to families and individuals.

Let’s talk a little bit about the moves and the stimulus that’s known presently so far on Biden and what he is planning to do for the United States of America.

He plans to run a brand new second round of stimulus for struggling Americans. So this is genuinely a great possibility. 

There’s the cares act. The cares act got passed out in. It became one of the first packages for stimulus which can help people financially that have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. One of the favored aspects of the act would be the stimulus check of about a thousand Two hundred dollars, sent out to more than a hundred and sixty million Americans. These direct aids have caused lots of people to increase the rate of spending. Made a lot, saved more, and prevented some from living in absolute poverty. 

Biden has a plan like the one that Trump backed. This includes direct stimulus payments. This does not even specify or talk about how many or how much would be used. Republicans and Democrats are presently negotiating for more relief from this stimulus. These would all back up for the second round of payments, which would need to get passed by a bill. We have a ticking clock, and the only person who can give this bill is none other than the United States of America president.

My Thoughts on This Issue  

You see, president Joe Biden. I have great vibes about this man. When Trump got elected, I never liked him, and I was not comfortable at all. Now everyone has joined me. But Biden has high hopes for America. My team and I believe in him being the president. The country is going to move forward at a rate that has never been seen before. Hold me on my word and watch out. Before now, I wasn’t a fan of the United States, but now, the country looks enticing and way better. Let’s see why Biden has for the world, though. Only time shall tell.

Highlights of the Georgia Election Controversy in 2021

A surreal occurred. It was like for an hour, I guess, on Saturday. The president badgered Georgia’s secretary and tried to make them overturn the results because Trump felt that out of the eleven thousand, seven hundred and eighty votes, they could prove that Trump kicked the ass out of Biden from the November elections. 

Looking at the coup request from Trump at the last minute, it was not due to an absence of effort. There are many outlets reported from Monday, which called the white house from the 19th, and they tried to reach Raffensperger immediately since the election. This has been happening for months now.

Raffensperger has been getting calls from Trump from the white house on Saturday around close to three pm. After the switchboard from the white house had made about eighteen attempts previously for Trump to have a conversation with him, since about two months after the general election. 

One of Raffensperger’s advisers stated that he is an office that’s too conservative. Presently he has been changing into someone that is now conservative. He has become a favorite liberal for exposing Lindsey Graham, a Senator, and her attempts to make the election, which occurred two months ago, subverted. For generally taking these guns on Georgia’s integrity on the issues related to the polls. They told Politico that the state secretary was quite worried that this conversation could explain why this screening calls with a 202 area code as aggressively as possible. 

He was aware entirely of the things that President Trump would say for sure. These are the reasons why Raffensperger and his team chose to record the phone call. They waited to see if Trump would not characterize the proceedings properly. 

When in the end, the president made a mess of himself, all details broke loose, and the world ended up finding out about all he said on the phone call.

My Thoughts on the entire Issue

Look, Donald Trump should relax. Biden won these elections. Why is Donald Trump acting the way he is working. This is not mature in any way. Like why, and what’s the reason. There’s no point. You lost the elections. Can’t you take your stuff from the white house in peace? The world is still battling the COVID-19 pandemic, and you are trying to drag the presidential role with someone who has already won. That’s just childishness to me. A mature person would beat his chest, agree he lost, and moved on. You were the president of the United States. What more do you want. You can practically do whatever you want with your life right now. No one wants you. They chose your opponent. Can’t you allow him to get ready and let him be on charge without being dramatic about it? Come on.

The president of the United States is caught in a not so perfect moment. Donald Trump, pack your bags; your time is over. 

Will the U.S. Economy Recover Since COVID?

COVID-19 what is it? No, tell me, what do you want from me? I am sick and tired of seeing you practically everywhere and everyplace. This afternoon I read on the news that you are coming back for round two with the world. Now here I am writing another piece about you. Wouldn’t you let me be? This is how you have stressed and frustrated the United States Economy. You have aided in dwindling the rates of agricultural production and the levels of productivity in all aspects of life. This article is simply going to tell you how we the world is annoyed, angry, and frustrated with the entire issue of Covid 19. It would also talk about the chances the United States Economy has in recovering since the beginning of the pandemic.

How People Have Been Thriving in the Lockdown

Covid-19 came and hit the world fully and seriously in March 2020. As it came, it chased everyone out of their offices and into their homes. Like we all needed to stay inside to prevent ourselves from catching any virus or disease. This helped to save a lot of people. Though there are essential workers that for sure needed to go and attend their jobs, there were some of them who went home with these diseases. Some of them with time got cured and life continued. Well in the end people that survived and thrived through this period ended up living a happier life. The general question now is, how did they do it? Several different offices sent their staff and officers to start working from the comfort of their homes. This later ended in these people working and trying to provide for themselves all they needed. But how did this affect the economy?

No matter what anyone says, a pandemic? Are you kidding me, do you know the effects and the impact of handling and fighting a pandemic? That’s what Covid 19 brought to the entire world. Not just the United States. People have had to fight to survive, with low production rates and everything being poor all around, trust me when I say it hasn’t been easy. But it’s all good. Let’s look at how the United States Economy can Since COVID came.

How the U.S. Economy Recover Since COVID?

There’s only one way I see off the top of my head that the United States Economy would recover. In the presence of the New President, he should let in immigrants as much as possible into the United States. But not just any immigrants. Immigrants that are sharp, that are learned, that are truly productive. Let them add to the workforce of the people in the United States. This way, it would help increase the rate of production and try to put everything back on track. With this, I feel new dawn would begin and things would recover and even become better than it was before Covid came.

Emergency Financial Assistance for U.S. Citizens Abroad

So, you are walking on the street, your wallet gets stolen or you forgot it at a party, you get there and you can’t find it. And sadly you don’t have any funds on you. But luckily for you, you’re an American citizen, worry not. Your government has got you. This article would show you several ways with which you can gain emergency financial assistance as a United States Citizen in other countries.

Ways you can Get Emergency Financial Assistance for U.S. Citizens Abroad

You can get Some Help From your Home

You can contact your colleagues, friends, family, or absolutely anyone that you know. You should make them understand what’s happening with you. Tell them to either send some funds to your bank account, to send money through Western Union, or to wire money to you. There are several ways they could do this. If you do not have your phone or any other way with which you can reach your people in your country, you should visit the closest United States Embassy or a close Consulate which can help assist you.

You could talk to either your Credit Card Company or your Bank

If your credit card has had its limit overdrawn or you have passed your credit limit, you could call to beg or ask for some temporary increase in your limit. You could also ask for an advance. You need to fully explain what’s happening too. Tell the credit card company, your bank, or anyone you’re telling about your case on what’s happening. Most times they would be of help.

If you can’t find your debit or credit card, the bank you make use of could deliver a brand new card for you. Making use of your delivery service. The brand new card might not get you all you want immediately. You need to ask around for the possibilities of getting a wired transfer from your bank account available in the United States to the account in the foreign bank you are at that’s close to you. You could have a conversation with the bank and luckily, you could get yourself sorted out.

How to Manage yourself Mentally Before Getting This Emergency Assistance?

You need to keep yourself calm. You need to just calm down, breathe, and know everything would be fine. You have a great strong government that would not let you suffer. Yeah, I know money and funds are extremely sensitive issues, which is why you need to be wise about the people you tell about your present predicament. You need to be nice as you converse with the people in the foreign man’s land. You never know who is who or who has looked for their trouble before you visited the bank. So as you’re there, just with ease tell them what you need.

If sadly you do not have access to your mobile device, you can easily borrow a nearby phone and call home.

The Latest News from the White House

The thing with the White House these days is that, at every point in time, there’s always some new information, new news that’s flying around. One doesn’t even know which news they would talk about or journalize at the moment. But I’ll do my best in telling you the little things I was able to catch from the headlines.

A Touch of The Latest News from the White House

The White House has lots of orders on the conversations going around on issues related to the COVID 19 virus.

Donald Trump has been thinking he has the right to take some of the actions he has been taking before Biden won the presidential elections.

The chief of the White House named Mark Meadows has responded to what reporters had to say outside the West Wing at the Northern Lawn of the White House around Washington DC.

The entire White House has warned the Federal Drug Administration to use haste to make the COVID vaccine or to either get rid of it quickly.

Joe Biden who’s the President-elect of the United States of America has listened to Kamala Harris as she addressed the media on all that is happening.

The Cabinet of Biden has picked Kamala on the edge of 2024.

At the southern lawn of the white house, you can see Susan Rice there. We guess this was the way the President-elect Joe Biden tapped her to perform some domestic policy roles in the White House.

The President-elect Joe Biden has Spoken at Lecturn on matters related to the COVID 19 virus

In the White House, the President-elect has been looking for ways with which he can prove his entire administration against Covid 19.

Outside the Supreme Court, there was a man that just ended his vigil. He was in full support of all the things Donald Trump has been saying.

Donald Trump still believes he won the presidential election. He feels that the elections were rigged in favor of Joe Biden. He still does not want to agree or concede that he was defeated.

Donald Trump has decided he would go to Texas and try to change the election results in his favor. But I feel Trump should give it a rest. The people have chosen who they want. Trump should just enjoy the short time he has left as the president of the United States of America and be happy his time has passed. That is simply it.

Donald Trump has increased the politics related to the pandemic at the summit for the vaccine

In the evening, when the US vaccine got approved, Donald Trump has cranked up and increased the political rate of things happening.

I don’t know why they are using the virus and the effect it is having on simple citizens of the United States as a means to do politics. That is not fresh in any way. That is wrong in so many ways. Oh well, what do I know?

Highlights of the U.S. Presidential Inauguration

The U.S. Presidential Inauguration is the second most important political event in the nation. It comes after the first which is the presidential election. The inauguration like the election usually occurs once every four years. The inauguration is a ceremony that occurs every term even when the President is re-elected. The previous inauguration was on January 20, 2017, and it was the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The next inauguration will happen on the 21st of January, 2021, and it will be the ceremony that swears in Joe Biden as the President of the United States.

Each inauguration is different in its own way; however, there are staple moments and highlights of the U.S. Presidential Inauguration that occur every single time. These moments are traditions that are precious and vital to the history of the United States. Here are some of the highlights of the presidential inauguration.

  1. Inaugural Speech – One of the most notable moments of the presidential inauguration is the speech given by the President-Elect. At Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009, he gave a speech that lasted 18 minutes and 58 seconds. At Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration he gave a speech that lasted 17 minutes and 49 seconds. These speeches are notable because they are often the first time the President addresses the nation after assuming their political position. These speeches are often heartwarming, promoting unity, perseverance, and other American ideals.
  1. Timing – The inauguration always takes place at noon EST. At exactly noon, the president-elect becomes the President. The date is also the same. Since 1937, every single presidential inauguration has taken place on the 20th of January except for three occasions where the date happened to be on a Sunday. On those occasions, a private ceremony administering the presidential oath of office is held before a public ceremony is then held the next day, which is usually a Monday.
  1. The Inaugural Parade – It is not a presidential inauguration without the inaugural parade. The parade includes a short drive where the President and their family wave to the people who have come to watch the presidential inauguration. It occurs after the oaths have been taken and the inaugural luncheon is over. The President and their escorts will drive down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White house.
  1. Location – Most presidential inaugurations have been held in Washington DC at the Capitol building. Since Ronald Reagan’s inauguration in 1981, the inaugural ceremony has been held out on Capitol’s west front. This was done for two reasons—the first being to reduce the cost of the inauguration and the second being to ensure there was a lot more space for spectators.
  1. The Presidential Oath of Office – The administration of the presidential oath of office is the only part of the presidential inauguration that is required by the constitution. This oath is always taken on the 20th of January regardless of whether it is a Sunday or not. This is a necessity, and it marks the exact moment the President-Elect becomes the President.