COVID-19 Update: How Far We’ve Come Since 2020

How far have we come since the COVID-19 outbreak took place?

Did the projected scenario of economic breakdowns and social unrest that everyone was scared about actually happen?

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy is tremendous. I wished that this was a thing that didn’t have to happen, but it was inevitable. The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the state of the economy. The recent global pandemic is a good example of how much progress we have made since 2020 to control infectious diseases.  We’ve seen numerous examples of prevention measures implemented with full support from various sectors and government agencies worldwide. In many ways, it seems like society has collectively come to terms with the fact that there will always be a possibility of new infectious viruses entering our bodies through the air, water, or fingers.

How Far We’ve Come:

The Education Sector Post-COVID-19

During this decade, many improvements in education may help the economy bounce back from the recession. However, the question is if it will be suitable for the children who will benefit from these changes in schools. Some countries are still in the process of judging whether or not the pandemic affected them. Therefore, the students still need more support in basic needs like nutrition and health. Even if these improvements are implemented to make it easier for students to finish school using virtual learning integrated with the LMS platform, they still would need more time and effort than required before the advent of virtual education. For students, the internet is not a playground for entertainment and games anymore but another way to develop their researching skills.

The Health-Care System Post-COVID-19

As we approach the Post Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential to remember that we have come a long way since 2020. Before Covid-19, people relied heavily on the healthcare system and depended on doctors and hospitals to care for them. Some people got care from friends or family members, while others had clinics and doctors through group programs. Because individuals had such limited access to healthcare before COVID-19 struck, it set up a domino effect that caused the health care system to collapse financially. As a result, most people still aren’t receiving the care they need but have nowhere else to turn for help.

The Economic Impact Post-COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected every family and small business in the world. However, expectations are different this time around. Families need to have faith in the future of their companies, and their offspring have a high expectation that their parents will provide the proper support and information to ensure their success. In addition, economic indicators continue to be weak, which can stimulate more optimism, especially if families have seen their household income decrease over previous years, which is a critical disincentive for saving and investing.

The economy has made remarkable progress since 2020. A significant part of the recovery has come from people looking to re-evaluate their spending. Many are worried about saving money and putting off big purchases instead of taking small steps now and then. To protect all people’s health, well-being, livelihoods, and nutrition and ensure that the future’ new normal’ is a better one. In addition, you must rethink how to save the environment and avoid climate change and environmental degradation.

The Impact of the #MeToo Movement in U.S. Politics

The #MeToo movement is a collective of victims who have come forward to share their stories of sexual harassment and assault. In recent months, many prominent men in American society have been accused of sexual misconduct, and the #MeToo campaign has been a voice for those affected by these crimes against women.

The #MeToo movement began as a social media campaign against sexual harassment and has since evolved into a broader examination of institutional sexism in the United States. The outpouring of stories from both men and women has been eye-opening and disheartening. It has forced us to confront our own experiences with sexual harassment in the workplace and our everyday lives. Many people are now speaking out about sexual harassment in various forms. However, it is still fairly common for men (and women) who have experienced such harassment to stay silent about their experiences.

The #MeToo movement has impacted how women are represented in the media and the workplace. As a result, many people are talking about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. This has manifested itself in women running for office, holding leadership roles in various industries. Although this has had on society cannot be underestimated, the Impact on the #MeeToo in U.S Politics is worth noting.

The Impact of #MeToo in the U.S Politics

Banning of nondisclosure agreements

States are passing legislation that will make it illegal to ask for nondisclosure agreements in sexual cases. After several high-profile sexual harassment cases were brought to light through the #MeToo challenge, this came to be.  This new legislation prevents victims from being forced into secret settlements with their abusers, meaning they can share their experiences with others without fear of being charged with the crime.

Provision of Protection for more workers

Federal sexual harassment laws do not protect independent contractors. This implies that self-employed individuals have very legal recourse should they ever be harassed while working.  Self-employed people like actors, farmers, and many others have nowhere to go in cases of sexual harassment. This was one of the significant issues the #MeeToo brought to the light. In response, states like New York expand their sexual harassment laws to cover more workers, incredibly independent contractors.

Revamped the rules for handling sexual harassment

Congress has revamped the rules for how sexual harassment is handled. It has removed the three-month people that victims of sexual misconduct have to go through counseling before they are even allowed to file lawsuits. Congress also made laws that prohibit legislators from using their office’s budget to pay harassment settlements.


The #MeeToo campaign spurred an explosion of sexual harassment cases in the country.  We  have discussed some of the ways the #MeeToo campaign impacted U.S politics. First, we discussed how it helped in the Banning of nondisclosure agreements that make it illegal to ask for nondisclosure agreements in sexual cases. Also, we discussed how it led to the Provision of Protection for more workers, primarily self-employed, who have had little or no legal recourse. Lastly, we talked about how the #MeToo campaign revamps the rules for handling sexual harassment.

Should I Wear a Mask to Protect Myself Against the Delta Variant even if fully vaccinated?

CDC reported that people who were vaccinated rarely contracted the virus and were unlikely to spread it. Because of the Alpha-variant that was then prevalent,  the vaccine would need to be effective against the dominant strain. Covid-19 was already going down. But the country is in a different situation now.  Now, fewer than 50% of the U.S. population has been vaccinated. However, the Delta-variant of Covid-19 is fueling another surge in cases. As a result, the agency has walked back on its own words and suggests that even fully vaccinated people living in communities with high transmission rates should wear masks when in public or indoor.

Experts have pinpointed the COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States as being highly effective against the Delta-variant of the Flu.

Then comes the question, if the vaccines work so well, why should vaccinated people go back to wearing masks?

Even if you are vaccinated against Delta-variant, then you can spread it to other people.

According to a top U.S. infectious disease expert, the level of virus in your system is about a thousand times higher than when you were infected with the alpha variant. In addition, it has been well documented that though it is a rare occurrence, you could transmit the virus to uninfected individuals. So while you might not necessarily fall ill from an attack from the Delta variant due to your vaccination, you will be a carrier and spread the flu.

You are susceptible to breakthrough infections.

Various studies show that the delta variant is more transmissible than the alpha variant. It replicates sooner and faster, making it spread easier. According to data CDC released the outbreak in Massachusetts in early July, 74% of the 469 people tested were positive. 74% had been fully vaccinated.  A large number of the breakthrough infections had symptoms.

Children under 12 years of age are highly susceptible to the virus

Although children account for a small share of infections and severe outcomes throughout the pandemic (compared to adults), the number of infected children has been rising in recent weeks. Currently, there is no authorized COVID-19 vaccine for children under age. This means they are more susceptible to contracting the virus.

You are immunocompromised

Suppose you are fully vaccinated but also have an impairment that weakens your immune system. In that case, you will be vulnerable to infection and, as such, would need to wear a mask still to protect yourself against the Delta variant.

Here are Other Ways to Prevent Illness

Side the use of masks, and there are other ways to prevent illness the use of Vitamin C for example.

Vitamin C enriches the blood and promotes a robust, positive immune system. Foods high in vitamin C include oranges, winter squash, broccoli, mushrooms, and tomatoes. It can also be synthesized into drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen, which treat high blood pressure. You should take vitamin C supplements if you have a weakened immune system or are taking medicines that diminish your immune system’s ability to fight off illness.

Liposomal Vitamin C supplements are the most cost-effective and efficient way to reap the benefits of Vitamin C without all of the risks associated with consuming supplements. These powerful nutrients work to improve immunity, support healthy nerve functioning and keep skin young and beautiful.

Core Med Science Liposomal Vitamin C Original Orange Formula has been extensively tested to improve immune function. In addition, it may help reduce the number of colds you get and shorten their duration. Core Med Science Liposomal Vitamin C Original Orange provides you with the highest quality curcumin supplement on the market. It is easy to swallow and has softgels that are made without soy, gluten, and dairy. Additionally, Core Med Science Liposomal Vitamin C is made in the United States of America.


Variants of viruses usually happen when there is a mutation to the genes of the virus.

RNA viruses have a natural habit to evolve such as the coronavirus. This change or evolution is usually a gradual process. Therefore it is said that mutation in viruses such as COVID-19 is not an unexpected change. It has also been noted that viruses vary in their speed of mutation or change. For instance, the flu virus changes or mutates often, which is why it is advisable by doctors that you get a new flu vaccine every year.

There is a concern about the changes or mutations occurring in the coronavirus variants if it could possibly have an effect on it’s treatment and prevention. The coronavirus variant known as B.1.351, identified in South Africa, had a minimal effect, and those who were given its vaccine which was said to be from Oxford-AstraZeneca, experienced or had a mild or moderate illness. This variant, in particular, has not been said to show any severity or more severe illness than the variants before it. Although people who survived the original coronavirus could have a mild or moderate COVID-29 if affected by the variant.

It is important to know if the COVID-19 vaccine will work on the new variants. It has been observed that the vaccines currently on ground could have little effect against some of the new strains or variants. It is advisable by medical personnels that people who have already received vaccination should look out for changes and also continue with the coronavirus safety precautions in order to prevent or reduce the risk of infection. Safety precautions such as wearing of masks. Social distancing and hand hygiene. Doctors have assured that there will be close tabs kept on the mutation or changes of the coronavirus and development of efficient vaccine along side with it.

The changes or mutations occurring in the coronavirus causing the development of new variants is a valid reason to be concerned. But doctors have assured that there is no need for any overreaction as they are keeping a close eye on the virus and it’s a mutation with time. As it evolves, examinations will be carried out on it. Meanwhile, we also need to play our part as well taking preventive measures against the virus seriously and to get vaccinated.

The currently COVID-19 vaccines in development are expected to give a certain level of protection against the new variants of the virus because these vaccines entail an effective amount of antibodies and cells giving it a large immune response against to virus variants. However, if there is any detection of a less effect against the variants occurring once or twice, the composition of the vaccines will be changed immediately for further protection against the variants. As much as we need to take the necessary preventive measures against the virus, it is also important that manufacturers and the programs using the vaccines would have to adjust the evolution of the COVID-19 virus. For instance, trials must be carried out and maintained to allow any changes in potency to be assessed and it must be of adequate scale and assortment to enable a clear interpretation of results. The WHO is working with researchers and health officials to have an understanding of how these variants affect the behavior of the virus.

U.S. Federal Government Upholds Work-from-Home Mandate

Good day to you and all of your loved ones. Today I’ll be talking about the mandate from the United States Federal Government. 

The Biden administration has thought about various ways to send all of the workforces back to their respective offices. The officials of the government are seriously moving to make the Pandemic experiment completely permanent. This would allow a lot more employees to keep working from their apartments. This would end up becoming a change that would keep occurring culturally. In 2020 and before, this was something people didn’t believe could be possible. But here we are in a world that keeps changing as fast as possible. 

Why did the government Uphold their Mandate on Working from Home? 

The government shift has details that are finalized. This comes after the federal bureaucracy kept falling at the back of private companies when they came to making use of telework. These are posture that’s driven from employees perception. The perception of these employees ends up slacking off unless they get tethered to the cubicles of their offices. 

These positions end up hardening all through the administration of former President Donald Trump. This later dialled back to everyone working from home as a result of the pandemic. 

After the Covid-19 Pandemic, President Biden is eager to build the trust of federal government workers who Trump and his followers attacked. These people convinced the president that there are employees who could efficiently serve the public properly from home, as stated by officials in various departments. 

Have you noticed the change which was expected in June? When the administration was set to release its long-awaited level of guidance to various agencies on time, the place and the different methods employees could quickly return to their offices. 

Looking at things from different workplaces that merge and work at home and working in the office. Looking at the memos from the Washington Post, this bulletin was expected to address working remotely in the present term fully and the long term combined. 

We all fully anticipate the level and rate of guidance as to the rooms in which decisions were made for agencies and departments to provide complete levels of flexibility to work environments. The most important thing was for the work to be done and the quality to remain at the highest standards. A senior administration official stated this. The official spoke on the condition, and he had to be kept a secret because these plans have not been finalized yet. 

What is the Resulting or Ending Mandate from the United States Federal Government 

Some agencies have made it completely clear that they would love to give all of their staff and new workers a choice to work from home or work in the office.

That’s like an advantage to the Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from the fact that many people died and suffered, now people could easily choose between working from home or going to the office. For someone like me, working from home would definitely be my choice.

Current CDC Guidelines for the Fully Vaccinated

Hi there. How are you doing today? I’m sure you’re delighted that the Pandemic is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. Trust me, and I’m more excited than you are. Today I’ll be talking about the Current CDC Guidelines for the Fully Vaccinated. If you have gotten complete vaccination against this horrible virus, this piece is for you. Let’s go. 

Recommendations and Current CDC Guidelines for the Fully Vaccinated

The things which would soon be listed are recommendations that should be applied to non-healthcare settings. If you want to get information for healthcare settings, ensure you visit the Updated Control Recommendations and Infection Prevention responses to COVID-19 Vaccinations.

What are the Guidelines for people who are Fully Vaccinated? 

As a fully vaccinated person, you could resume all of your activities without the need to wear face masks, without the need to be physically distant from others. The only people you should be physically distant with should be those you’re rewired required to be by the state’s regulations, federal, territorial and tribal or local laws. These include local businesses and guidance at workplaces. 

You could quickly resume domestic travel and then refrain from testing after or before. There’s no need to self-quarantine anymore before leaving a place like the United States to travel to other nations internationally. The only thing that might be the nation you want to travel to might require you to take a Covid-19 test. Apart from that, you’re good to go. 

Now you don’t need to test if you have been exposed to Covid-19 before. The only exceptions include those from particular settings. 

You can now refrain from quarantine that follows known exposure, which might not ultimately show and might not be noticeable to many other people. 

You could refrain from routine screen testing.

If you’re fully vaccinated, you enjoy the following things

Outdoor and indoor activities have little to zero risks for those that are completely vaccinated. People that are fully vaccinated have minimal risk of transmitting SARS-CoV-2 to those that are not vaccinated. 

People who are vaccinated need to get tested if they experience symptoms of COVID-19.

People who are fully vaccinated don’t need to check private or public settings if they were favourable to Covid-19 in the last ten days and are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19. 

These completely vaccinated people need to keep following the state’s laws, the federal bodies, tribes, and local rules and regulations. 

What are the Recommendations for Outdoor and Indoor Settings

The risk of contacting Covid-19 reduces for people that have complete vaccination. The risk of getting it and giving someone that hasn’t been fully vaccinated is reduced too. That is the great thing about being fully vaccinated. 

My thoughts on Current CDC Guidelines for the Fully Vaccinated

I can’t wait for a time when the vaccine would be available to everyone everywhere without any stress. Like a time when it would be given to little kids as they are born or toddlers because Covid-19 is a truly horrible disease. I’m glad the vaccine works. 

Why Did Some U.S. States Stop Unemployment Benefits Early?

Unemployment benefits were given to people who were suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic and were out of jobs. Now you are asking why some states in the United States stop unemployment benefits early. Well, off the top of my head, it was stopped because the pandemic by the grace of the universe is over. It doesn’t stress the world anymore because vaccines now protect you from the virus completely. So there we have it. Let’s check out what the news has said, shall we? 

What is the reason for Stopping Unemployment Benefits Early in some U.S States?

There were claims of unemployment the first time, which dropped to about three hundred and seventy-six thousand just last week. The lowest point was obtained since 2020 March. This period had many governors of various states claiming that these enhanced levels of unemployment coverage prevented workers from trying to get jobs. Half of the United States planned to leave unemployment benefit programs and get employed before the next month. Even though these benefit programs were set to keep running till labor day came. There were about four million Americans that were left jobless in the middle of July. 

If you stay in a state like Alaska, Mississippi, Iowa, or Missouri, the three hundred dollars you enjoy weekly would stop on the 12th of June. The President stated that these states could make whichever decisions they like, and The White House wouldn’t interfere. Joe Biden stated he does not plan to continue with these benefits after labor day. Unemployed people, including freelancers, would soon lose all coverage completely. 

We would keep updating this story as more information is gotten. Checking other associated unemployment news, the IRS has started giving back millions of dollars to people who were taxed from 2020 benefits of unemployment. There were states which offered going back to work bonus which filled jobs. Here there were higher amounts of information on child tax credit payments which started on the 15th of July which included plus-up stimulus payments. You could get interested in knowing if the government has paid everything it needed to pay citizens without jobs. 

What are the expiration dates for these benefits? unemployed people 

Looking at shortages of labor, the governors of states talk about benefits to unemployment due to them being related to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This ended up discouraging workers from taking jobs. Some several data analysts and economists disagreed. They noted that there were a variety of factors that stopped people from getting responsible work. This included low wages, an absence of child care, and being scared of contacting the Corona Virus. 

A lot of these states talk about ending these benefits before or on Labor Day. That would be the 6th of September. So if you depend on these unemployment benefits, you need to start something or do something that would give you some money. Or else, you might soon enter a world of hurt. 

How Anti-Trans Laws Affect Society

The thing a lot of people don’t understand is, whenever someone, an adult for that matter, decides, ” Hey, this is who I want to be, I was born a man, but I feel it deep inside me I want to be a woman and I would go ahead and be a woman” everyone should let them be. It is their body is it not? The thing is. People like to force what they think, how they feel onto other people. It is painful when you live in a place, and there are a set of general laws that prevent you from being who you want to be. 

Now, I’m done expressing some of my opinions. Let me talk about how the Anti Trans law generally affects society. 

How the Anti Trans Laws Affect Society   

There are a variety of anti-transgender bills introduced to the state’s legislatures in the year 2021. It has had a lot of horrible effects on society. Whenever one looks at schools and classrooms all around the country, where students like Silverman (a transgender student) have fought with all his heart and might against harassment, fear, and discrimination against people who have a problem with who he is. 

Trans youth are three times likely to kill themselves than peer group members who have a different sexual orientation. According to the disease control and prevention center. Different people have different experiences with these horrible laws. Does the United States want to have a lot of dead citizens’ blood on their hands? 

As stated by Silverman, his experience generally on dealing with bills were created horrible thoughts. He stated he doesn’t want to watch another one of his friends buried out of committing suicide. Do you know how painful these statements were and how horrible someone like Silverman is feeling on the inside? He keeps talking about how this is a fight he cannot stand to bear. 

Marra Andy, the executive director from the Education and Transgender Legal Defense Fund, told ABC News that the legislation is adding gas to an already burning fire. Don’t they know that these kids/teenagers already hate themselves for being something they have no control of? This makes it very difficult for these students to focus on their academics. 

It was difficult being a student when the world suffered the Covid-19 Pandemic. Now it isn’t very pleasant for us to feel included, healthy and safe. Living in states that their lives were under attack would make it quite difficult to think about anything apart from surviving and seeing the next day. 

It affects the youth who are Trans, and this in turns affects the society 

In a place like Arkansas, the state legislature has banned treatment for people who are not adults yet. It has stopped people that want to receive hormone therapy. It has stopped treatments like puberty blockers and all associated medications. We hope for the best for these Trans teenagers because that’s the best we can do from here.

American History 101: What Does the U.S. Celebrate on Labor Day?

We all know that labor day in the year 2021 would be on a Monday. It would call on the 6th of September as it always has every year. Labor day would pay tribute to the achievements and contributions of the great working people of America. It is usually observed on the first Monday in September. It doesn’t matter the date of the month. As long as it’s the first Monday, that is when it would be labor day. The labor movement created this special day at the ending of the 19th century. It became a federal holiday in 1984. Labor day also has its weekend. This symbolizes the time when summer ends. Americans usually celebrate labor day with athletic events, street parades, and a lot of parties. 

What is the reason for celebrating Labor Day? 

Labor Day is celebrated every year because the achievements of workers need to be announced. They need to be celebrated too. This celebration started during one of American’s history most depressing chapters. So to celebrate Americans’ victory over surviving such a traumatic period, they started celebrating Labor Day. 

At the ending of the 1800s, Industrial Revolution in the U.S. started. Then an average American worked for twelve-hour days and seven days in weeks. They needed to do this for them to survive and have a basic standard of living. Apart from the restrictions in various states, some young kids were five to six years that worked in mines, factories, and mills all around the country. They earned a little part of what the adults doing the same jobs were earning. 

People of every age, specifically recent immigrants and the poor, faced extremely unsafe working conditions. There were insufficient fresh air access, breaks and facilities like toilets and bathrooms were not available. 

Manufacturing increasingly supplanted Agriculture, and its wellspring of employment by Americans like labor unions first started at the ending of the eighteenth century. These grew more vocal and prominent. Before then, they started organizing rallies and strikes to stop horrible conditions and labor unions to make employers renegotiate the payment it gave to its workers and pay them what was worth the work done. 

My thoughts on American History 101: What Does the U.S. Celebrate on Labor Day?

Well, as I’ve stated about twice now in this article. The United States celebrates pretty much freedom. The freedom to work where, when, how, and whichever way you want to work. And the freedom to get paid either in wages or salary that’s deserving of the work you are personally putting into whichever part of society you’re working in. On this day in the United States, it is a public holiday. Everyone enjoys themselves at home, and they celebrate by doing whatever they want to do. A lot of teenagers go to parties, a lot of adults go on street parades. It is so much fun, and it ends up being a day that’s remembered.

CDC Recommends Pregnant Women Get Vaccinated

Pregnancies are special experiences that need to be handled carefully and gently. There is a lot of sensitivity surrounding pregnancies hence why there was a delay in the approval of vaccines for pregnant people. In April, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) finally released a statement recommending the vaccines to pregnant people.  A new study has shown that vaccines are not dangerous for pregnant people. The CDC, after examining the study, which shows vaccines do not pose additional risks, is now recommending that pregnant people get vaccinated.

Pregnancy is deeply personal hence why the CDC has also advised pregnant people to discuss their vaccine choice with their doctors or care providers. Although the initial trials for the vaccine did not accommodate pregnant people, the new study shows that vaccines are not only safe for the pregnancy but also effective against the virus.

The study which facilitated this decision was published in The New England Journal of Medicine. It compiled the data of almost 36,000 pregnant and soon-to-be pregnant people. The data showed their experience before, during, and after the vaccine. Although they reported side effects, the side effects reported are the typical side effects. There wasn’t a single person who had special or new side effects. It is important to note that pregnant people who received the vaccines did report that they felt slightly higher levels of pain at the site of the injection. However, they do not experience as many headaches, fever, or muscle aches compared to non-pregnant people. The peer-reviewed paper is a great step for research. Other researchers are planning follow-up research on pregnant people who have received the vaccine.

The Pfizer and the Moderna vaccine are both safe for pregnant people. There is an urge for pregnant people to get vaccinated because of the effects of Covid-19 on a pregnancy. The protection of pregnant people is a pressing issue as we deal with the coronavirus because of the special effects it has on them.

Pregnant people who contracted the disease had higher chances of preeclampsia, miscarriage, preterm labor as well the possibility of a stillbirth. The benefits of the vaccine examined by two studies show that vaccinated pregnant people pass slightly more protective SARS-CoV 2 antibodies to their offspring than pregnant people who had previously contracted the virus whilst pregnant.

Due to the impact of the coronavirus, it is important that pregnant people keep their immune health up and in the best possible shape. One way to do this is by taking prenatal multivitamins. Prenatal vitamins are vitamins specifically made for pregnant people. NHC has a wide array of tested and tried prenatal multivitamins. You can find them here.