We all know that labor day in the year 2021 would be on a Monday. It would call on the 6th of September as it always has every year. Labor day would pay tribute to the achievements and contributions of the great working people of America. It is usually observed on the first Monday in September. It doesn’t matter the date of the month. As long as it’s the first Monday, that is when it would be labor day. The labor movement created this special day at the ending of the 19th century. It became a federal holiday in 1984. Labor day also has its weekend. This symbolizes the time when summer ends. Americans usually celebrate labor day with athletic events, street parades, and a lot of parties. 

What is the reason for celebrating Labor Day? 

Labor Day is celebrated every year because the achievements of workers need to be announced. They need to be celebrated too. This celebration started during one of American’s history most depressing chapters. So to celebrate Americans’ victory over surviving such a traumatic period, they started celebrating Labor Day. 

At the ending of the 1800s, Industrial Revolution in the U.S. started. Then an average American worked for twelve-hour days and seven days in weeks. They needed to do this for them to survive and have a basic standard of living. Apart from the restrictions in various states, some young kids were five to six years that worked in mines, factories, and mills all around the country. They earned a little part of what the adults doing the same jobs were earning. 

People of every age, specifically recent immigrants and the poor, faced extremely unsafe working conditions. There were insufficient fresh air access, breaks and facilities like toilets and bathrooms were not available. 

Manufacturing increasingly supplanted Agriculture, and its wellspring of employment by Americans like labor unions first started at the ending of the eighteenth century. These grew more vocal and prominent. Before then, they started organizing rallies and strikes to stop horrible conditions and labor unions to make employers renegotiate the payment it gave to its workers and pay them what was worth the work done. 

My thoughts on American History 101: What Does the U.S. Celebrate on Labor Day?

Well, as I’ve stated about twice now in this article. The United States celebrates pretty much freedom. The freedom to work where, when, how, and whichever way you want to work. And the freedom to get paid either in wages or salary that’s deserving of the work you are personally putting into whichever part of society you’re working in. On this day in the United States, it is a public holiday. Everyone enjoys themselves at home, and they celebrate by doing whatever they want to do. A lot of teenagers go to parties, a lot of adults go on street parades. It is so much fun, and it ends up being a day that’s remembered.