Changes Announced for the U.S. Minimum Wage

The entire nation fought and pushed for a fifteen dollars minimum wage which notched a serious win through our brand new president’s victory. It is not clear if his administration would pass brand new federal minimum wages. 

On a local level, half of the United States would raise their minimum wage in the year 2021. 

Great companies like Starbucks and Walmart have been announcing brand new hikes. These are available to pay for floors because they’ve tried to get workers all through the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Generally, all people together could ask the McDonald corporation to raise workers some wages which would hit a fifteen dollars minimum wage as well as getting rights to the union on the 23rd of May 2019 in Florida. 

They move towards fifteen dollars minimum wage which has gained way more ground in the year 2020  all through the electoral victory for the new president. There are other states too that have voted for this increase by fifteen dollars. 

Half of the United States would raise their minimum wage from twenty-one in the year 2020. All but five of these states like Virginia, Oregon, Nevada, Florida, and Connecticut would increase their hourly minimum come Friday. 

There’s also the federal minimum wage. This has not recorded any increase in more than a decade we think. These could completely and finally get a boost. These would also affect lots of workers that range from restaurant janitors aid cooks. The president has pledged to boost all of these to a fifteen dollar an hour and then get rid of tipped minimum wages. These are all low base pays which are given to employees that want to make the most of the compensation they desire from tips. He has said he would desire an indexed minimum wage that would properly match inflation. All these measures are properly in line with bills that got passed by the house of assembly in the year 2019.

Several different critics have stated that there are high minimum wages which hurts little businesses and causes losses of jobs. These would also add some pressure all through the economic crisis. Because of the pandemic, this year has got events that have raised brand new awareness about important roles that are held by hourly workers. There are those from low wages too. There is analysis from employment sites like Snagajob which has realized that about three-quarters of these hourly workers from the United States were better off sticking to brand new positions when the federal government had supplements that were three hundred dollars weekly. 

My Two Cents 

So now we all know that all through this article, fifteen dollars were flying everywhere. I think that’s the amount of increment the members of the public desire to be added to their minimum wage. But in a country like the United States, I always wonder why they would start stressing for their minimum wage should be increased. It’s all good though. They know what they are feeling properly.