Every year thousands of immigrants are being withheld from entering the U.S. some among those thousands are children. These children do not have adults who accompany them during their immigration. As of February 2021 more than 100,000 immigrants were stopped from crossing the U.S border in that month alone. Among these 100,000 immigrants, about 9,500 were unaccompanied children. The U.S now about to faces a 20 years high rise in immigrants at the border. 

 What is causing so the flood of immigrants? 

 There are several issues causing immigrants to flood the U.S border. Some constantly occurring issues creating a large number of immigrants are poverty, natural disasters, and an increase in gang crime. Recently add issues are job losses due to the Coronavirus leaving people helpless and the multiple hurricanes that happened last year. 

Why are the numbers of children immigrants Increasing

 Due to the change in administration, there has been an increase in unaccompanied kids and teenagers. As of March 21st, over 15,000 Unaccompanied children including teenagers were being held by the U.S customs and border patrol. The Biden administration has been blamed for the increase in unaccompanied children immigrants because of its promises of immigration reform.

 During the Trump administration, under a health care order related to the pandemic name Title 42, all immigrants who were caught illegally crossing the border were to be deported. This order was changed when the Biden administration began. The order only applied to people who were over 18 years, anyone under 18year of age will be allowed to enter into the U.S until their immigration plea is heard by the court. This change in order is what has caused Washington lawmakers to point fingers because it gives uprising to unaccompanied children who want to cross the border.

Conditions of the children immigrants 

 Although journalists have not been allowed into the immigration camps, a Congressman cellular has been the first to release pictures taken after the Biden administration took power. In the tent City located in Donna Texas where over 1000 people are being held the pictures show the cramped situation, the immigrants were in.

 The children were held in cramped pods meant to hold 260 people. There were about 400 people in one crammed pod meant for 260 people. The situation was so bad to the point where it was described as an individual not being able to reach out and touch their neighbor. 

 With the situation being this bad there has been a fear of increased out brakes of the Coronavirus in immigrant children. The children were said to not have adequate access to soap and water. Their conditions were compared to that of animals in cages and that of criminals in cells. With the increasing number of unaccompanied immigrant children, the Biden administration faces a serious crisis of deciding how to handle the matter. Although there have been way higher numbers of immigrants in the past the current situation becomes worse with the addition of the Covid 19 virus.