Current COVID News and How the Biden Administration is Responding

Let me just write this piece and get a break from conversing about the pandemic and Corona.

The president has talked about a plan that tries to battle the pandemic in the United States. This includes talking about a plan which would invest lots of money into nationwide vaccine campaigns. 

This plan which the president would discuss on Thursday night. He plans on investing about twenty billion dollars using the vaccination national program in partnership with territories, tribes, localities, and states. 

The vaccination pace would go slowly because these United States officials have hoped that the states would blame funds that are not sufficient enough and communication that is not consistent from the federal government and the very slow rollout. 

What occurred on Thursday 

President Biden unveiled his plan which would fight Covid 19 head-on by massively scaling up the testing methods and supporting schools fully re-opening. These would help in the creation of several health care Jobs and these funds would go to the campaign that is essential for vaccines. 

All of these plans were proudly and properly discussed on Thursday night from the headquarters where Biden was using to transition into being the full presentation at Wilmington Delaware that he would invest twenty billion dollars into vaccination program with aid from other states, territories, tribes, and localities. The pace of these vaccinations would go way slower than what the United States officials have hoped. These states would be blaming others because of a lack of funding and communication that is not consistent enough from the federal government and very slow rollout. 

The Resulting Deal 

The deal is that a higher amount of people that are vaccinated and the speed with which this is done, the sooner the United States can save more lives and forget about this pandemic. We would move forward with our lives and love those we care about way more. During the speech of Biden, we would not get out of this in a night. We would not get through this as a divided nation.

We all need to come together, band up, merge resources till we completely throw this pandemic and the disease itself into the garbage. Together, we can do this and there is nothing that can stop us. With great leaders come a great way for things like these pandemics to get handled. 

My thoughts on Current COVID News and How the Biden Administration is Responding 

I am so happy that the Biden administration is handling all of these using these methods. Like it is trying, using all of its energy to help the world and all of its citizens completely think about the effects of the pandemic as something from the past. Like the things the administration stated, with time, this would all be a thing of the past. When you truly do not want something to happen, all parts of your being would be extremely adverse to it. That’s how Biden feels towards Covid 19.