Emergency Financial Assistance for U.S. Citizens Abroad

So, you are walking on the street, your wallet gets stolen or you forgot it at a party, you get there and you can’t find it. And sadly you don’t have any funds on you. But luckily for you, you’re an American citizen, worry not. Your government has got you. This article would show you several ways with which you can gain emergency financial assistance as a United States Citizen in other countries.

Ways you can Get Emergency Financial Assistance for U.S. Citizens Abroad

You can get Some Help From your Home

You can contact your colleagues, friends, family, or absolutely anyone that you know. You should make them understand what’s happening with you. Tell them to either send some funds to your bank account, to send money through Western Union, or to wire money to you. There are several ways they could do this. If you do not have your phone or any other way with which you can reach your people in your country, you should visit the closest United States Embassy or a close Consulate which can help assist you.

You could talk to either your Credit Card Company or your Bank

If your credit card has had its limit overdrawn or you have passed your credit limit, you could call to beg or ask for some temporary increase in your limit. You could also ask for an advance. You need to fully explain what’s happening too. Tell the credit card company, your bank, or anyone you’re telling about your case on what’s happening. Most times they would be of help.

If you can’t find your debit or credit card, the bank you make use of could deliver a brand new card for you. Making use of your delivery service. The brand new card might not get you all you want immediately. You need to ask around for the possibilities of getting a wired transfer from your bank account available in the United States to the account in the foreign bank you are at that’s close to you. You could have a conversation with the bank and luckily, you could get yourself sorted out.

How to Manage yourself Mentally Before Getting This Emergency Assistance?

You need to keep yourself calm. You need to just calm down, breathe, and know everything would be fine. You have a great strong government that would not let you suffer. Yeah, I know money and funds are extremely sensitive issues, which is why you need to be wise about the people you tell about your present predicament. You need to be nice as you converse with the people in the foreign man’s land. You never know who is who or who has looked for their trouble before you visited the bank. So as you’re there, just with ease tell them what you need.

If sadly you do not have access to your mobile device, you can easily borrow a nearby phone and call home.