Minimum Wage Rate Definition 

This is basic economics. The minimum wage rate means the least amount of pay which someone can get for their services. This is also publicly known as their pay floor. The FLSA or Fair Labor Standards Act determines the minimum wage rate, which public sectors and private sectors would use. For both state governments and federal governments. Following FLSA, these are nonexempt employees who need to get paid their minimum wage or a higher amount. 

What’s the Federal Minimum wage Amount 

Presently the minimum federal wage Amount is $7.25 per hour. This amount has not increased since July 2009. Some cities, states, and counties have a minimum wage rate that’s relatively higher than others. 

When a county, city, or state has their minimum wage rate increase than that of the federal rate, we’ve got employers that’ll be ready to pay workers the extra amount. 

The Minimum Wage Rate for Contract Federal Workers 

From the 1st of January 2021, the executive order of 13658 as their minimum wage rate would generally increase. These need to get paid to several workers performing some jobs, or they remain in contracts or connections with the government. These would get paid $10.95 per hour.

From the 1st of January 2021, employees tipped or connected with federal contracts would be paid a minimum wage rate of $7.65 per hour.

Those that wouldn’t be a part of this Minimum Wage Rate 

These would-be employees wouldn’t be paid these minimum wage rates. These include those that do not gain protection from the Fair Labor Standards Act. They are tipped employees like servers from restaurants. They get laid at lower wage rates than those which are minimum. 

My thoughts on the federal minimum wage rate.

Some people work hard, and they are paid a tiny amount of funds. That’s not fair on them. Some people do tiny things, but they end up getting many funds in their bank accounts at the end of the day. The world needs equity way more than equality. Some things should not be tolerated. Some people help the world remain a better place like essential workers that help clean or make everywhere look beautiful. Some of these people are paid using the minimum wage rate by the government. I’m not saying these people should be paid a million dollars or something. I’m merely saying methods should be designed or created which would help balance the jobs these essential workers do and the number of paid funds. I’ve seen lots of them through the news channels. They’ve been protesting and asking for their rights to be given to them. At times after they are done protesting, their jobs would be taken from them, and they would lose their apartments due to lack of funds. Please, help them. 

Even the roads you used to go to your office or your workplace are cleaned by these people that you pay using the minimum wage rate. Something needs to be done, please.