Headline: Why Did Donald Trump Challenge Biden’s U.S. Presidential Election Results?

Before, during, and after the election, President Trump declared himself the winner by a “landslide win”, several times despite results showing the exact opposite. He also had over 45 cases taken to court with a majority thrown out. One of the cases he won did not cancel the results but rather asked for a recount which ended up declaring Biden the winner once again. All this brings up the question, why? Let’s discuss that.

The 2020 U.S Presidential Election is one that will go down in history. It is the election that occurred amidst a global pandemic. Several factors played extremely pivotal roles in the results of the election. The most prominent one would be the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 US elections were partly the results of how well President Trump handled the pandemic. Another is the tragic deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor which sparked worldwide demands for justice. It also shed a bright light on the racial injustice rampant in the American justice system and the country itself. These factors combined with agitation and easier access to voting registration resulted in an election that broke records. The 2020 US Election had the highest voter turnout the country has ever seen. Biden also became the President-Elect with the most votes ever received. This election also had the highest number of mail-in voters ever recorded. In a nutshell, voter turnout was unprecedented hence the inevitability of President Trump challenging the election results.

Now, why did President Trump challenge the results? President-Elect Biden had more electoral and popular votes. Biden received 306 electoral votes while Trump received 232 electoral votes. In popular votes, Biden received 51.3% of the total votes or 81,283,098 popular votes. Trump received 46.3% of the total votes or 74,222,958 popular votes. We know the numbers so let’s move onto the reasons Trump challenged the results.

  1. Campaign – President Trump’s campaign were in-person despite the pandemic. Perhaps the physical presence of his supporters lent him a false narrative that he would receive more votes.
  1. The dispute behind mail-in votes – Ever since the election was announced to heavily support mail-in votes due to the pandemic, President Trump has stated over and over again that mail-in votes were fraudulent and a way for the Democrats to steal the election through voter fraud, and electoral fraud. Trump alleged that people who did not exist would be voting and that the mail-in votes would be tampered with which led to a heavy Republican turnout at the voting polls. The physical presence of more Republican voters may have led to the rumor that Republicans were the majority which has been proved to be false.
  1. Swing States – Last but certainly not least we have the swing states. These are states that are not fully red (Republican) or blue (Democratic) states. The states we’ll be discussing are the states Trump won in the 2016 election. These are the states that got the most legal cases from President Trump. Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Michigan. These are states Donald Trump expected to win except he didn’t.