Highlights of the Georgia Election Controversy in 2021

A surreal occurred. It was like for an hour, I guess, on Saturday. The president badgered Georgia’s secretary and tried to make them overturn the results because Trump felt that out of the eleven thousand, seven hundred and eighty votes, they could prove that Trump kicked the ass out of Biden from the November elections. 

Looking at the coup request from Trump at the last minute, it was not due to an absence of effort. There are many outlets reported from Monday, which called the white house from the 19th, and they tried to reach Raffensperger immediately since the election. This has been happening for months now.

Raffensperger has been getting calls from Trump from the white house on Saturday around close to three pm. After the switchboard from the white house had made about eighteen attempts previously for Trump to have a conversation with him, since about two months after the general election. 

One of Raffensperger’s advisers stated that he is an office that’s too conservative. Presently he has been changing into someone that is now conservative. He has become a favorite liberal for exposing Lindsey Graham, a Senator, and her attempts to make the election, which occurred two months ago, subverted. For generally taking these guns on Georgia’s integrity on the issues related to the polls. They told Politico that the state secretary was quite worried that this conversation could explain why this screening calls with a 202 area code as aggressively as possible. 

He was aware entirely of the things that President Trump would say for sure. These are the reasons why Raffensperger and his team chose to record the phone call. They waited to see if Trump would not characterize the proceedings properly. 

When in the end, the president made a mess of himself, all details broke loose, and the world ended up finding out about all he said on the phone call.

My Thoughts on the entire Issue

Look, Donald Trump should relax. Biden won these elections. Why is Donald Trump acting the way he is working. This is not mature in any way. Like why, and what’s the reason. There’s no point. You lost the elections. Can’t you take your stuff from the white house in peace? The world is still battling the COVID-19 pandemic, and you are trying to drag the presidential role with someone who has already won. That’s just childishness to me. A mature person would beat his chest, agree he lost, and moved on. You were the president of the United States. What more do you want. You can practically do whatever you want with your life right now. No one wants you. They chose your opponent. Can’t you allow him to get ready and let him be on charge without being dramatic about it? Come on.

The president of the United States is caught in a not so perfect moment. Donald Trump, pack your bags; your time is over.