Honoring the 500,000 U.S. Lives Lost to COVID-19

Some hours after the United States for more than five hundred thousand deaths from Corona Virus, the president commemorated the lost lives over the year. He did this on late Monday. There was no other country that lost more lives to this pandemic that has been more than a year than the United States of America. 

On Monday, the United States marked a horrible milestone. The president stated that they had more than five hundred thousand people dead. More people of America have died in the year than all the people from World War 1, World War 2, and the Vietnam War combined

President Biden stated that remembrance is a crucial part of one to heal. Both for the nation and individuals. Just before the event got underway, the president ordered the white house flags to get lowered in respect. There were lots of candles that graced the steps from the resident white house to the south lawn. The first lady Biden Jill and then VP Kamala Harris, and The Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff stood over the South Lawn all quiet. They were all being mindful of the silent moment. 

That’s the way you should heal properly. This is important for you to live happily as a nation. The dead are never gone forever. They would always live rent-free in your heart. 

Biden lost his daughter and his first wife in a car accident tens of years ago, and he had a Son with the name Beau who died after losing a battle with cancer in 2015. He empathized with people that lost their loved ones through the pandemic. 

The president knows what it feels like when you are not present during the times your loved ones want you the most. It is painful, heart-wrenching, and outright sad. It is quite painful when you’re looking into their eyes, holding their hands as they slip away. Memories of them when they were alive would always live in your mind when you went to watch the movies when you went to your office, when you went to pick them up from school when you went to go and make some coffee. 

My thoughts on Honoring the Lives Lost to Corona Virus 

Lots of people all across the world died because of this disease. It is so sad. It is painful. The pandemic caused a lot of fear, horror, and sadness to practically everyone who lives in the world. It came like a shock to everyone. Like, I was carrying on, living my day. Before one behind, I saw on the news that there’s a new virus out there. You can get it like how you can get flu or catarrh. I was shocked, surprised, and didn’t even know how to relate to the entire issue. Then the pandemic started, and it locked everyone at home. One couldn’t even go out and buy food to eat anymore. It was a harsh period. I wouldn’t lie. Here’s to hoping for the best.