The thing a lot of people don’t understand is, whenever someone, an adult for that matter, decides, ” Hey, this is who I want to be, I was born a man, but I feel it deep inside me I want to be a woman and I would go ahead and be a woman” everyone should let them be. It is their body is it not? The thing is. People like to force what they think, how they feel onto other people. It is painful when you live in a place, and there are a set of general laws that prevent you from being who you want to be. 

Now, I’m done expressing some of my opinions. Let me talk about how the Anti Trans law generally affects society. 

How the Anti Trans Laws Affect Society   

There are a variety of anti-transgender bills introduced to the state’s legislatures in the year 2021. It has had a lot of horrible effects on society. Whenever one looks at schools and classrooms all around the country, where students like Silverman (a transgender student) have fought with all his heart and might against harassment, fear, and discrimination against people who have a problem with who he is. 

Trans youth are three times likely to kill themselves than peer group members who have a different sexual orientation. According to the disease control and prevention center. Different people have different experiences with these horrible laws. Does the United States want to have a lot of dead citizens’ blood on their hands? 

As stated by Silverman, his experience generally on dealing with bills were created horrible thoughts. He stated he doesn’t want to watch another one of his friends buried out of committing suicide. Do you know how painful these statements were and how horrible someone like Silverman is feeling on the inside? He keeps talking about how this is a fight he cannot stand to bear. 

Marra Andy, the executive director from the Education and Transgender Legal Defense Fund, told ABC News that the legislation is adding gas to an already burning fire. Don’t they know that these kids/teenagers already hate themselves for being something they have no control of? This makes it very difficult for these students to focus on their academics. 

It was difficult being a student when the world suffered the Covid-19 Pandemic. Now it isn’t very pleasant for us to feel included, healthy and safe. Living in states that their lives were under attack would make it quite difficult to think about anything apart from surviving and seeing the next day. 

It affects the youth who are Trans, and this in turns affects the society 

In a place like Arkansas, the state legislature has banned treatment for people who are not adults yet. It has stopped people that want to receive hormone therapy. It has stopped treatments like puberty blockers and all associated medications. We hope for the best for these Trans teenagers because that’s the best we can do from here.