More COVID-19 Lockdowns Announced Around the World

More Covid-19 lockdowns have been announced around the world. Some of these locations are heading into or experiencing their second/third/fourth wave of the coronavirus, hence the decision to enter a lockdown. The coronavirus pandemic took the majority of the world by storm in late February or early March prompting countries to go into emergency lockdowns with no prior warning. These precautions were all put in place in a plight to control the spread of the virus before the arrival of a vaccine. Despite the large numbers, the coronavirus still has an average death rate of 2-3 percent. When compared to the SARS death rate of 11 percent, the difference is clear. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is far more contagious than SARS ever was, hence the insane numbers we’re faced with. As of now, the coronavirus has taken the lives of 1.26 million people and infected 50.6 million people.

The reason for these lockdowns is to slow the virus spread so that healthcare systems can catch up because most healthcare systems are currently overwhelmed by the number of cases. Another reason lockdowns are being enforced is to ensure that asymptomatic carriers, which is a large percentage of people with the virus, do not pass the virus to others. If everyone who had the virus showed symptoms, tracing and containment would be much easier for the government. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Therefore, governments will place the country in lockdown mode whenever cases start to skyrocket consistently. More Covid-19 lockdowns have recently been announced. Here are some of them:

1. England

The Prime Minister of the United kingdom battled the coronavirus in April so he knows first hand what the virus can do. Reports coming in claim that Johnson is very angry and outraged at the fact that England has to go through another lockdown.

 This four-week lockdown began on the 5th of November and is expected to continue till early December. This stay-at-home order has been enforced in the hopes that the new daily cases will reduce giving the NHS a fighting chance. England has had 1.04 million covid cases and over 43,000 deaths.

2. Ireland

On the 21st of October, Ireland once again imposed a 6-week lockdown making it the first European country to go back into lockdown. Ireland is now in a very strict Level 5 lockdown. This means visiting the homes of others is banned, all non-essential workers must work from home, restaurants, bars and the likes can only provide takeaway and delivery. Public transportation is at 25% capacity, museums and art galleries are closed, and for those having weddings and funerals, the max amount of people present is 25. These alongside other rules have made Ireland’s current lockdown one of the toughest.

3. Bavaria, Germany

The state of Bavaria is not going into a total lockdown; however, there are restrictions on social gatherings being put in place alongside curfews.

4. Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain is one of the cities enforcing localized lockdowns. This particular lockdown implements rules that demand wearing of face masks, social distancing rules with limits being placed on social gatherings.

5. Greece

Greece began a three-week lockdown in the second week of November with strict measures in place to curb the spread of the virus.

Other countries that are on partial lockdowns with schools open include France, Hungary, Thailand and South-Korea