U.S. Face Masks No Longer Mandatory Outdoors

With over a quarter of the country fully vaccinated, states have begun to take down their mask mandates. According to the CDC, people who have been fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask outside. In this article, we’ll be outlining the states that currently have a mask mandate and those that do not. It is important to note that even if your state doesn’t have a mask mandate, you can still wear a mask and follow the guidelines. Here are the states.

  1. Alabama – Alabama does not have a statewide mask mandate. It expired on the 19th of April.
  1. Alaska – Alaska does not have a statewide mask mandate, but the department of Health recommends them. Some local cities such as Anchorage and Juneau have imposed mask mandates in their cities.
  1. Arizona – Arizona does not have a statewide mask mandate. It expired on the 31st of March.
  1. Arkansas – Arkansas does not have a statewide mask mandate. However, Fayetteville and Little Rock have local mask mandates
  1. California – California has a statewide mask mandate that includes fully vaccinated people when in public.
  1. Colorado – Colorado has a statewide mask mandate for counties that have 35 cases per 100,000 residents.
  1. Connecticut – Connecticut has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Delaware – Delaware has a statewide mask mandate that excludes children below kindergarten age and fully vaccinated people.
  1. District of Columbia – The District of Columbia has a statewide mask mandate that excludes children below the age of two.
  1. Florida – Florida does not possess a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Georgia – Georgia does not have a statewide mask mandate; however, it is encouraged.
  1. Hawaii – Hawaii has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Idaho – Idaho does not have a statewide mask mandate. However, employers can choose to make masks compulsory.
  1. Illinois – Illinois has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Indiana – Indiana does not have a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Iowa – Iowa does not possess a statewide mask mandate. It was lifted on the 7th of February.
  1. Kansas – Kansas does not have a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Kentucky – Kentucky has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Louisiana – Louisiana does not have a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Maine – Maine has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Maryland – Maryland has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Massachusetts – Massachusetts has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Michigan – Michigan has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Minnesota – Minnesota has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Mississippi – Mississippi does not have a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Missouri – Missouri does not have a statewide mask mandate; however, some cities have local mask mandates.
  1. Montana – Montana does not have a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Nebraska – Nebraska does not possess a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Nevada – Nevada currently has  a statewide mask mandate.
  1. New Hampshire – New Hampshire does not possess a statewide mask mandate.
  1. New Jersey – New Jersey has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. New Mexico – New Mexico does not have a statewide mask mandate.
  1. New York – New York has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. North Carolina – North Carolina has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. North Dakota – North Dakota does not have a statewide mask mandate, however, cities like Bismarck, Fargo, and Minot have local mask orders.
  1. Ohio – Ohio has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Oklahoma – Oklahoma does not have a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Oregon – Oregon has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania has a statewide mask mandate to be lifted when 70 percent of Pennsylvania’s population is vaccinated fully
  1. Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico has a territory wide mask mandate.
  1. Rhode Island – Rhode Island has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. South Carolina – South Carina does not have a statewide mask mandate however, some cities like Charleston do.
  1. South Dakota – South Dakota does not have a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Tennessee – Tennessee does not have a statewide mask mandates however some cities do.
  1. Texas –Texas does not have a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Utah – Utah does not have a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Vermont – Vermont has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Virginia – Virginia has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Washington – Washington has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. West Virginia – West Virginia has a statewide mask mandate.
  1. Wisconsin – Wisconsin does not have a statewide mask mandate.

Wyoming – Wyoming does not have a statewide mask mandate, however, it is required in K-12 schools.

FBI Warns About Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Card Scams

There are adverts for fake COVID-19 Vaccine cards going around the internet. It is important that you note that these cards are fake and should not be purchased. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Office of Inspector General have noticed a new scam making rounds. This scam promises to supply people with vaccine record cards. This action is punishable by law. The FBI has stated that the production and purchase of any fake COVID-19 vaccine card is unlawful and could be regarded as a breach of the law.

Many scams have arisen as a result of the pandemic. We’ve had charity scams, drug scams, and now vaccine card scams.

Vaccine cards or vaccination cards are cards that contain information about the owner, the type of vaccine they received, and when they will be able to receive the second dose of the vaccine. A fake version of this card is unlawful and deadly for several reasons.

Purchasing a fake COVID-19 vaccine card and using it to access public spaces such as schools, transportation, gym, companies, and even hospitals places others in those locations at risk. The coronavirus has not been wiped out; therefore, it is important that we remember the very deadly effects it has. Using a fake vaccine card could exempt you from having to wear a face mask. If you’re not vaccinated and you go to these public spaces, you’re putting others and yourself at risk.

The production of fake cards is wrong for ethical reasons. However, it is also unlawful in the following ways.

  1. The unauthorized use of an official government agency’s seal – The vaccine cards have to be stamped; therefore, the production of a fake card with a fake seal is against the law. According to the FBI, this is punishable under Title 18 of the United States Code, Section 1017.
  1. Stolen Information – The information of fake vaccine cards is always stolen. This means that the number and details on the card all belong to another person. This could be seen as theft.

The adverts for these fake Covid-19 vaccination cards come in one of two forms;

  1. Purchase the Actual Card – You could receive an advert to purchase a fake vaccine card that is identical to the real card. These ads can appear on different websites, so it’s important to disregard any sort of advert with this inclination. Vaccines are free, and so are the cards. You will not be required to purchase any sort of item or card when receiving the vaccine.
  1. Print your own Card – Some scammers have decided to take the easy way out and have you print your fake vaccine card. This will put you at risk because there will be no one else to blame. Remember that the sellers and buyers of counterfeit vaccine cards are both breaking the law.

If you notice any suspicious activity or know anyone who is producing fake vaccine cards for sale, please contact the appropriate government agency (i.,e. the police)  in your vicinity or file a complaint at www.ic3.gov.

Pfizer Testing COVID Vaccines on Children

Pfizer has stated that trials of its Covid vaccines from kids aged twelve to fifteen have shown a hundred percent efficacy and a very strong response 

The initial results from these trials in two thousand, two hundred and sixty adolescents in the United States have suggested that the vaccine is safe. It doesn’t have any unusual side effects. 

This drug company has stated that it would submit its data to European authorities and the United States for emergency usage for these twelve to fifteen-year-olds. 

Presently there aren’t any plans for kids to get  vaccinated in the United Kingdom. 

Kids risk becoming ill and there are low risks of them dying. All through the pandemic, they have very little need for treatment in hospitals. 

Adults like those that are older than fifty and people that have serious health conditions suffer a very high risk. This is why they’ve been vaccinated as a serious priority in the United Kingdom. 

How would we all know if these Covid vaccines are safe?

What’s the risk of schools reducing the spread of the virus?

Is there any evidence of schools spreading the disease?

The essence of these questions above is to consider little kids in places like the United States and the United Kingdom. 

We all know that Pfizer is one of the strong drug companies that’s available for testing Covid vaccines on little ones. The essence of all of this is to keep these lovely little kids vaccinated. If these kids are properly vaccinated, it would help in keeping their schools open. It would also help in reducing the spread of the virus in communities. Vulnerable children that have suffered from these conditions that put them at increased risks would reduce because a lot of them would get the Pfizer vaccines which honestly really works.

AstraZeneca has announced several trials of this vaccine in the United Kingdom. This has taken care of kids that are aged six to seventeen about some months back. The first three hundred volunteers that got jabbed in February have stated the vaccine worked very well. Presently, this vaccine is only authorized for people that are eighteen and older in the United Kingdom. 

My thoughts on Pfizer testing Covid Vaccines on Children 

I love kids. Trust me, I do. Irrespective of whose kid it is, if I see a vehicle trying to jam a kid, I’ll do my best to save the kid. The same thing goes to my joy that Pfizer is working very well for kids. You know the pandemic has a horrible effect on their education right. At least with this very active drug, these children can get the vaccines they need, and then school and life can go back to normal for them. 

My younger brother, I think caught the virus one week ago. He wasn’t well. He kept on coughing. I had to be there for him. I think I got it too and I fought it with all my energy. I prefer collecting the illness from him and fighting it myself head-on. 

Can You Still Get COVID After Being Fully Vaccinated?

What is Covid 19

Coronaviruses are zoonotic viruses, which means they can be transmitted between humans and animals Covid 19 was first reported to the WHO in Wuhan China. It is a new strain of the Coronavirus that was not previously detected in humans.

The covid 19 pandemic was one that shocked the world to its very core. Its effects will never be forgotten even after it has passed. Businesses were closed, people lost their jobs, lives were lost, families were torn apart. Just to survive during this pandemic people had to adopt a whole new way of leaving. The pandemic made life unbearable in some places. The once crowded shops and parks were empty. Schools had to be closed down to reduce the spread of covid 19.

Even with the government and nation’s best efforts to suppress the virus, its impact was still massive. There have been a total of 135 million confirmed cases of covid 19 infections and counting. More than 2.91 million people and counting have died during this pandemic. About 76.4 million people have thankfully recorded to have recovered completely from the covid 19 disease.

A ray of hope has shined through this pandemic in form of the covid 19 vaccines, but the question many people have been asking is can you still contact the covid 19 virus after being vaccinated.

Can you still contact the virus after vaccination

The answer to this question is yes, you can still contact covid 19 even after being fully vaccinated, but it’s not just that simple. The chance of you getting the virus after getting the vaccine is very low. First, let’s take a look at the three authorized vaccines and their effectiveness.

. Pfizer-BioNTech

. Morderna

. Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen vaccine


At the clinical trials, Pfizer-BioNTech had an efficiency rating of 95 percent


The morderna vaccinated also show a 95 percent efficiency during the clinical trials

Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen vaccine

In the clinical trial, it had an efficiency rating of 72 percent

It was stated that the percent were not to be subtracted from a hundred leaving behind a percent for infection chances. Anna weld, an ifectious disease physician at the Washington school of medicine further explains that for Pfizer-BioNTech and Mordena the percentage of people who got the virus was 0.4 at the trials. She explains the 95 percent is added to whatever chances you had of getting the covid 19 disease.

There has been a recent emergence of people in the U.S who have reported that they contacted the covid 19 virus even after full vaccination. These cases are called breakthrough cases. Anthony Fauci the director of the national institute of allergies and infectious diseases says that breakthrough cases are common in every mass vaccination. It will only be a minor percent of the population that might get re-infected.Until everyone is fully vaccinated in your given location it is still wise to take preventive measures even though you have been vaccinated. Continue to watch your hands and put on face masks to prevent the spread of the virus. For more information on chances of infection check here.

COVID on the Rise in Immigrant Kids in U.S. Border Patrol Camps

Every year thousands of immigrants are being withheld from entering the U.S. some among those thousands are children. These children do not have adults who accompany them during their immigration. As of February 2021 more than 100,000 immigrants were stopped from crossing the U.S border in that month alone. Among these 100,000 immigrants, about 9,500 were unaccompanied children. The U.S now about to faces a 20 years high rise in immigrants at the border. 

 What is causing so the flood of immigrants? 

 There are several issues causing immigrants to flood the U.S border. Some constantly occurring issues creating a large number of immigrants are poverty, natural disasters, and an increase in gang crime. Recently add issues are job losses due to the Coronavirus leaving people helpless and the multiple hurricanes that happened last year. 

Why are the numbers of children immigrants Increasing

 Due to the change in administration, there has been an increase in unaccompanied kids and teenagers. As of March 21st, over 15,000 Unaccompanied children including teenagers were being held by the U.S customs and border patrol. The Biden administration has been blamed for the increase in unaccompanied children immigrants because of its promises of immigration reform.

 During the Trump administration, under a health care order related to the pandemic name Title 42, all immigrants who were caught illegally crossing the border were to be deported. This order was changed when the Biden administration began. The order only applied to people who were over 18 years, anyone under 18year of age will be allowed to enter into the U.S until their immigration plea is heard by the court. This change in order is what has caused Washington lawmakers to point fingers because it gives uprising to unaccompanied children who want to cross the border.

Conditions of the children immigrants 

 Although journalists have not been allowed into the immigration camps, a Congressman cellular has been the first to release pictures taken after the Biden administration took power. In the tent City located in Donna Texas where over 1000 people are being held the pictures show the cramped situation, the immigrants were in.

 The children were held in cramped pods meant to hold 260 people. There were about 400 people in one crammed pod meant for 260 people. The situation was so bad to the point where it was described as an individual not being able to reach out and touch their neighbor. 

 With the situation being this bad there has been a fear of increased out brakes of the Coronavirus in immigrant children. The children were said to not have adequate access to soap and water. Their conditions were compared to that of animals in cages and that of criminals in cells. With the increasing number of unaccompanied immigrant children, the Biden administration faces a serious crisis of deciding how to handle the matter. Although there have been way higher numbers of immigrants in the past the current situation becomes worse with the addition of the Covid 19 virus.

Federal Minimum Wage Update

Minimum Wage Rate Definition 

This is basic economics. The minimum wage rate means the least amount of pay which someone can get for their services. This is also publicly known as their pay floor. The FLSA or Fair Labor Standards Act determines the minimum wage rate, which public sectors and private sectors would use. For both state governments and federal governments. Following FLSA, these are nonexempt employees who need to get paid their minimum wage or a higher amount. 

What’s the Federal Minimum wage Amount 

Presently the minimum federal wage Amount is $7.25 per hour. This amount has not increased since July 2009. Some cities, states, and counties have a minimum wage rate that’s relatively higher than others. 

When a county, city, or state has their minimum wage rate increase than that of the federal rate, we’ve got employers that’ll be ready to pay workers the extra amount. 

The Minimum Wage Rate for Contract Federal Workers 

From the 1st of January 2021, the executive order of 13658 as their minimum wage rate would generally increase. These need to get paid to several workers performing some jobs, or they remain in contracts or connections with the government. These would get paid $10.95 per hour.

From the 1st of January 2021, employees tipped or connected with federal contracts would be paid a minimum wage rate of $7.65 per hour.

Those that wouldn’t be a part of this Minimum Wage Rate 

These would-be employees wouldn’t be paid these minimum wage rates. These include those that do not gain protection from the Fair Labor Standards Act. They are tipped employees like servers from restaurants. They get laid at lower wage rates than those which are minimum. 

My thoughts on the federal minimum wage rate.

Some people work hard, and they are paid a tiny amount of funds. That’s not fair on them. Some people do tiny things, but they end up getting many funds in their bank accounts at the end of the day. The world needs equity way more than equality. Some things should not be tolerated. Some people help the world remain a better place like essential workers that help clean or make everywhere look beautiful. Some of these people are paid using the minimum wage rate by the government. I’m not saying these people should be paid a million dollars or something. I’m merely saying methods should be designed or created which would help balance the jobs these essential workers do and the number of paid funds. I’ve seen lots of them through the news channels. They’ve been protesting and asking for their rights to be given to them. At times after they are done protesting, their jobs would be taken from them, and they would lose their apartments due to lack of funds. Please, help them. 

Even the roads you used to go to your office or your workplace are cleaned by these people that you pay using the minimum wage rate. Something needs to be done, please.

Honoring the 500,000 U.S. Lives Lost to COVID-19

Some hours after the United States for more than five hundred thousand deaths from Corona Virus, the president commemorated the lost lives over the year. He did this on late Monday. There was no other country that lost more lives to this pandemic that has been more than a year than the United States of America. 

On Monday, the United States marked a horrible milestone. The president stated that they had more than five hundred thousand people dead. More people of America have died in the year than all the people from World War 1, World War 2, and the Vietnam War combined

President Biden stated that remembrance is a crucial part of one to heal. Both for the nation and individuals. Just before the event got underway, the president ordered the white house flags to get lowered in respect. There were lots of candles that graced the steps from the resident white house to the south lawn. The first lady Biden Jill and then VP Kamala Harris, and The Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff stood over the South Lawn all quiet. They were all being mindful of the silent moment. 

That’s the way you should heal properly. This is important for you to live happily as a nation. The dead are never gone forever. They would always live rent-free in your heart. 

Biden lost his daughter and his first wife in a car accident tens of years ago, and he had a Son with the name Beau who died after losing a battle with cancer in 2015. He empathized with people that lost their loved ones through the pandemic. 

The president knows what it feels like when you are not present during the times your loved ones want you the most. It is painful, heart-wrenching, and outright sad. It is quite painful when you’re looking into their eyes, holding their hands as they slip away. Memories of them when they were alive would always live in your mind when you went to watch the movies when you went to your office, when you went to pick them up from school when you went to go and make some coffee. 

My thoughts on Honoring the Lives Lost to Corona Virus 

Lots of people all across the world died because of this disease. It is so sad. It is painful. The pandemic caused a lot of fear, horror, and sadness to practically everyone who lives in the world. It came like a shock to everyone. Like, I was carrying on, living my day. Before one behind, I saw on the news that there’s a new virus out there. You can get it like how you can get flu or catarrh. I was shocked, surprised, and didn’t even know how to relate to the entire issue. Then the pandemic started, and it locked everyone at home. One couldn’t even go out and buy food to eat anymore. It was a harsh period. I wouldn’t lie. Here’s to hoping for the best.

Prosecutors Demand Trump’s Tax Records

Alright, Trump, where are your Tax Records? Show the world now, man, show us and receive peace because the world is coming for you if you don’t. It isn’t going to be easy, but we’re coming hard. Have you not heard that the Manhattan district attorney’s office had enforced a subpoena on the accounting firm of Trump. After some hours, when the supreme court ruled pm Monday. 

The supreme court now has the documents with them. Cyrus R. Vance Jr has been fighting for a long year and ½ to have the tax records of former president Donald Trump. This was all necessary to investigate all of his business transactions properly. The grand jury’s secrecy rules heavily protect his tax records, and on no account can they be made public. 

Democrat Vance is conducting a lot of investigation. These include examinations of whether Trump or his business had lain on the assets values to gain favorable tax benefits and loan terms. The DA has also been scrutinizing hush-money payments that have been paid to women on behalf of Donald Trump. 

The office of Vance had issued a severe subpoena on Mazars USA. That’s the accounting firm that former president Donald Trump owns. In August 2019, they were looking to get about eight years of his records on tax and all documents related to how former President Donald Trump was paying his taxes. 

The lawyers’ Trump had run to court immediately to stop and prevent the collection of Trump’s track record from the court. They all first argued that he is completely immune from being looked upon or checked because he was the president. 

The Supreme Court did not want that argument. Trump’s lawyers went to a lower court and seriously argued that this subpoena got issued in terrible faith. It was too broad, and it was motivated politically to harass former President Donald Trump. This appellate court also rejected this argument. The supreme court has decided to wash its hands off everything related to this matter. Of course, I’m sure it’s because they have their hands complete on other more critical cases. 

After the Supreme Court ruled on Monday, Vance had nothing to say but these “The work continues.”

My Thoughts on The Tax Records of Donald Trump 

I’m honestly happy he has left Joe Biden to rule the United States of America in peace. I remember the last time I wrote a piece about Donald Trump. He was stressing the life out of our new president. It’s all good, though. This time I’m on Trump’s side. Why does Vance want to see the tax records of Trump so bad? Man, is he owing you some money? Why don’t you let our former president go and live his life in peace? What is the problem? Some people have a lot of issues in this life, speaking honestly. Oh well, I believe with time everything would be fine. 

How an Executive Order Gets Passed in the U.S.

Of all the documents owned by the president of our modern government, would in turn get converted to an executive order. All presents have at least issued one. These have totaled to more writings since the time George Washington became the president in the year 1789. Media reports of several changes have been made by executive orders. These executive orders have rarely come to explain what these documents mean. Several other details need to be available technically. These include the how and the why and the how. These all seem to be instant laws. At times these get steeped in controversy. Here there are Legal Teaching docs. These all try to unpack at times controversial legal documents that are produced by executive branches of the government of the United States. 

What it is not and what is it.  

For executive orders to get written, signed, and published, a directive from the United States president would get managed by operations done by the federal government. These are numbered using consecutive methods. These other executive orders could get referenced by their assignment numbers and their topics. Several other documents are presidential and at times they are referred to using executive orders for their purposes. Various proclamations get signed and consecutively numbered. These communicate these types of information during federal observances, trade, commemorations, and holiday information. These are also orders from administrative ends like messages, notices, letters, and memos. These aren’t numbered, they are signed and they are used in the management of matters which are administered to the federal government. All these three types of documents run by the federal government include proclamations, executive orders, presidential documents, and certain administrative orders. 

Some of all these are published using the federal register. This is the daily journal that is controlled and owned by the federal government which gets punished from the journals owned by the federal government which gets published to make the members of the public know what is going on. These also get cataloged using National archives that serve as official documents that are produced by the federal government. Both these executive orders and proclamations are backed by the law. 

Some of these executive orders are not known to be legislated. They do not require any approval from congress. Congress can not overturn these. Congress could most times pass legislation which might make all of these difficult or at times impossible. At times before they can carry out this order, orders like getting rid of finding or sitting by the United States president could change and become an existing executive order by issuing different orders to an effect. 

How one should feel about Executive Orders getting passed in the United States 

Executive orders sent by the rulers of a country like the United States need to be conversed with by members of the community. Without this, what is the essence of having a country that is ruled using democracy?

Current COVID News and How the Biden Administration is Responding

Let me just write this piece and get a break from conversing about the pandemic and Corona.

The president has talked about a plan that tries to battle the pandemic in the United States. This includes talking about a plan which would invest lots of money into nationwide vaccine campaigns. 

This plan which the president would discuss on Thursday night. He plans on investing about twenty billion dollars using the vaccination national program in partnership with territories, tribes, localities, and states. 

The vaccination pace would go slowly because these United States officials have hoped that the states would blame funds that are not sufficient enough and communication that is not consistent from the federal government and the very slow rollout. 

What occurred on Thursday 

President Biden unveiled his plan which would fight Covid 19 head-on by massively scaling up the testing methods and supporting schools fully re-opening. These would help in the creation of several health care Jobs and these funds would go to the campaign that is essential for vaccines. 

All of these plans were proudly and properly discussed on Thursday night from the headquarters where Biden was using to transition into being the full presentation at Wilmington Delaware that he would invest twenty billion dollars into vaccination program with aid from other states, territories, tribes, and localities. The pace of these vaccinations would go way slower than what the United States officials have hoped. These states would be blaming others because of a lack of funding and communication that is not consistent enough from the federal government and very slow rollout. 

The Resulting Deal 

The deal is that a higher amount of people that are vaccinated and the speed with which this is done, the sooner the United States can save more lives and forget about this pandemic. We would move forward with our lives and love those we care about way more. During the speech of Biden, we would not get out of this in a night. We would not get through this as a divided nation.

We all need to come together, band up, merge resources till we completely throw this pandemic and the disease itself into the garbage. Together, we can do this and there is nothing that can stop us. With great leaders come a great way for things like these pandemics to get handled. 

My thoughts on Current COVID News and How the Biden Administration is Responding 

I am so happy that the Biden administration is handling all of these using these methods. Like it is trying, using all of its energy to help the world and all of its citizens completely think about the effects of the pandemic as something from the past. Like the things the administration stated, with time, this would all be a thing of the past. When you truly do not want something to happen, all parts of your being would be extremely adverse to it. That’s how Biden feels towards Covid 19.