Pfizer has stated that trials of its Covid vaccines from kids aged twelve to fifteen have shown a hundred percent efficacy and a very strong response 

The initial results from these trials in two thousand, two hundred and sixty adolescents in the United States have suggested that the vaccine is safe. It doesn’t have any unusual side effects. 

This drug company has stated that it would submit its data to European authorities and the United States for emergency usage for these twelve to fifteen-year-olds. 

Presently there aren’t any plans for kids to get  vaccinated in the United Kingdom. 

Kids risk becoming ill and there are low risks of them dying. All through the pandemic, they have very little need for treatment in hospitals. 

Adults like those that are older than fifty and people that have serious health conditions suffer a very high risk. This is why they’ve been vaccinated as a serious priority in the United Kingdom. 

How would we all know if these Covid vaccines are safe?

What’s the risk of schools reducing the spread of the virus?

Is there any evidence of schools spreading the disease?

The essence of these questions above is to consider little kids in places like the United States and the United Kingdom. 

We all know that Pfizer is one of the strong drug companies that’s available for testing Covid vaccines on little ones. The essence of all of this is to keep these lovely little kids vaccinated. If these kids are properly vaccinated, it would help in keeping their schools open. It would also help in reducing the spread of the virus in communities. Vulnerable children that have suffered from these conditions that put them at increased risks would reduce because a lot of them would get the Pfizer vaccines which honestly really works.

AstraZeneca has announced several trials of this vaccine in the United Kingdom. This has taken care of kids that are aged six to seventeen about some months back. The first three hundred volunteers that got jabbed in February have stated the vaccine worked very well. Presently, this vaccine is only authorized for people that are eighteen and older in the United Kingdom. 

My thoughts on Pfizer testing Covid Vaccines on Children 

I love kids. Trust me, I do. Irrespective of whose kid it is, if I see a vehicle trying to jam a kid, I’ll do my best to save the kid. The same thing goes to my joy that Pfizer is working very well for kids. You know the pandemic has a horrible effect on their education right. At least with this very active drug, these children can get the vaccines they need, and then school and life can go back to normal for them. 

My younger brother, I think caught the virus one week ago. He wasn’t well. He kept on coughing. I had to be there for him. I think I got it too and I fought it with all my energy. I prefer collecting the illness from him and fighting it myself head-on.