To get the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic under control, President Biden’s administration has taken the most aggressive effort to push the latest vaccination. So federal employees, federal contractors, and healthcare workers at all facilities. There has to be a show of proof of vaccination to all federal contractors, federal employees, and health care workers at facilities that receive federal funding.

Reviewers have seen the movie by the President as a setback of the promise he made before to avoid mandates that have vaccines. But the federal health officials agree with the suggestion, hoping it will be the best way to fight against the new disease, the contagious delta variant. The death by which the virus is taking people’s life is ever increasing.

The pandemic is multiplying instead of decreasing. It has made So many workers in the US will have to choose between submitting to weekly Covid testing or proof of vaccination. They will not have to go against the law of the President. Therefore we will consider how broadly the new vaccine mandate has gone around.

President Biden’s New Vaccine Mandate

  • When it is mandatory with no testing option, the federal contractor and employees who have worked with the government face a renewed vaccine mandate. And they will no longer decide on whether they will have regular testing.
  • The President has ruled that anyone who wants to do business and wants to work with the federal government will have to be vaccinated. Also, any workforce that wants to do business with the federal government will have to be vaccinated.
  • The President also gives strict mandates on health care workers. He ordered that all health care facilities that receive federal Medicaid funding mandate vaccines compulsory for their workforce with no option of tasting.
  • Recently, the administration of Biden strictly mandated vaccines for employees only at the nursing homes of the US receiving federal funding. Few States have also been affected, including Maine and York, have made it compulsory for their health care workers to be vaccinated.
  • Biden made a straightforward assurance to people who want to treat themselves at a health care facility that they should be aware that those who will treat them are well vaccinated.
  • The President also orders all staff at Head Start programs that the federal government runs must be vaccinated. It doesn’t stop there; orders are still extended to schools handled by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Department of Defense, of which over 300,000 people have been affected.
  • Despite the President mandating covid vaccine, over 80 million US workers will have the option of showing proof that they are free from carrying the virus. They will do so by submitting to Covid 19 test weekly.
  • The labor department’s occupational safety and health administration will be to implement the new law.
  • The President will order employers to provide paid time off so that employees can get vaccinated. Both public and private sectors are also included.
  • President Biden ordered that no one should take a loved one to get vaccinated, and they should also not lose pay to get vaccinated.
  • Anyone who fails to obey the orders of the President will face the consequences.


COVID 19 has affected a lot of things negatively. President Biden has made orders to prevent the risk of the spread of the pandemic to save lives. There are a lot of consequences involved for anyone who fails to obey the stipulated orders.