Prosecutors Demand Trump’s Tax Records

Alright, Trump, where are your Tax Records? Show the world now, man, show us and receive peace because the world is coming for you if you don’t. It isn’t going to be easy, but we’re coming hard. Have you not heard that the Manhattan district attorney’s office had enforced a subpoena on the accounting firm of Trump. After some hours, when the supreme court ruled pm Monday. 

The supreme court now has the documents with them. Cyrus R. Vance Jr has been fighting for a long year and ½ to have the tax records of former president Donald Trump. This was all necessary to investigate all of his business transactions properly. The grand jury’s secrecy rules heavily protect his tax records, and on no account can they be made public. 

Democrat Vance is conducting a lot of investigation. These include examinations of whether Trump or his business had lain on the assets values to gain favorable tax benefits and loan terms. The DA has also been scrutinizing hush-money payments that have been paid to women on behalf of Donald Trump. 

The office of Vance had issued a severe subpoena on Mazars USA. That’s the accounting firm that former president Donald Trump owns. In August 2019, they were looking to get about eight years of his records on tax and all documents related to how former President Donald Trump was paying his taxes. 

The lawyers’ Trump had run to court immediately to stop and prevent the collection of Trump’s track record from the court. They all first argued that he is completely immune from being looked upon or checked because he was the president. 

The Supreme Court did not want that argument. Trump’s lawyers went to a lower court and seriously argued that this subpoena got issued in terrible faith. It was too broad, and it was motivated politically to harass former President Donald Trump. This appellate court also rejected this argument. The supreme court has decided to wash its hands off everything related to this matter. Of course, I’m sure it’s because they have their hands complete on other more critical cases. 

After the Supreme Court ruled on Monday, Vance had nothing to say but these “The work continues.”

My Thoughts on The Tax Records of Donald Trump 

I’m honestly happy he has left Joe Biden to rule the United States of America in peace. I remember the last time I wrote a piece about Donald Trump. He was stressing the life out of our new president. It’s all good, though. This time I’m on Trump’s side. Why does Vance want to see the tax records of Trump so bad? Man, is he owing you some money? Why don’t you let our former president go and live his life in peace? What is the problem? Some people have a lot of issues in this life, speaking honestly. Oh well, I believe with time everything would be fine.