Did you hear that there are brand new changes to the Social Security System? This article is going to talk about some of these changes. 

What are these Recent Changes to the Social Security System

The recipients of Socio Security have gotten a one point three percent raise for the year 2021, compared with the one point six percent increase that various benefactors got in the year 2020.

There are various maximum earnings subject to the Social Security tax that also increased from one hundred and thirty-seven thousand, seven hundred dollars annually to one hundred and forty-two thousand, eight hundred dollars. 

There are a lot of other changes in the year 2021. These changes include increasing the amount of money on working, which Social Security recipients could earn before their benefits would reduce. There are also slight rises in benefits from disabilities. 

Social security tax rates end up remaining the same for the year 2021. Six-point two employees and then twelve point four percent on the self-employed list. 

It presently takes around a thousand four hundred and seventy dollars to earn a single social security credit which would reach sixty dollars from 2020. 

Summary of Recent changes to the Social Security System 

The available beneficiaries have gotten a one-point-three increase. 

In 2021, around seventy million social security recipients have seen a one-point three percent COLA (Cost of living adjustment) added to the monthly benefits they get. This adjustment helps them keep in pace with inflation, and it is based on the CPI for Clerical and Urban Wage Earners as is calculated by the BLS (Bureau of Statistics). Suppose the Consumer Price Index increases at a rate higher than 0.1% after the next year between the previous year’s third quarter and then to the third quarter of the current year. Then the Social Security number would raise benefits using the same amount. 

The Taxable Maximum Earnings Increased to One hundred and forty-two thousand eight hundred dollars. 

In 2020, employees were all needed to pay a six-point two dollars on their social security tax. Here, their employers matching these payments on the income of around one hundred and thirty-seven thousand, seven hundred. Any of these earnings above this specific amount was not subject to this tax. In the year 2021, the rate of tax did not change. It remained six point two percent, but the cap in income increased to one hundred and forty-two thousand eight hundred dollars. 

The rate of full retirement keeps on rising. 

The absolute earliest time to begin claiming their Social Security Retirement benefits is at the age of sixty-two. But claiming this before your average or full retirement age would end up permanently reducing your payout. 

For people aged sixty-two in 2020, the complete age of retirement was sixty-six and eight months.

My thoughts on these recent changes to the Social Security System

These changes would affect all those involved positively and the nation seems to be becoming more prosperous.