The Latest News from the White House

The thing with the White House these days is that, at every point in time, there’s always some new information, new news that’s flying around. One doesn’t even know which news they would talk about or journalize at the moment. But I’ll do my best in telling you the little things I was able to catch from the headlines.

A Touch of The Latest News from the White House

The White House has lots of orders on the conversations going around on issues related to the COVID 19 virus.

Donald Trump has been thinking he has the right to take some of the actions he has been taking before Biden won the presidential elections.

The chief of the White House named Mark Meadows has responded to what reporters had to say outside the West Wing at the Northern Lawn of the White House around Washington DC.

The entire White House has warned the Federal Drug Administration to use haste to make the COVID vaccine or to either get rid of it quickly.

Joe Biden who’s the President-elect of the United States of America has listened to Kamala Harris as she addressed the media on all that is happening.

The Cabinet of Biden has picked Kamala on the edge of 2024.

At the southern lawn of the white house, you can see Susan Rice there. We guess this was the way the President-elect Joe Biden tapped her to perform some domestic policy roles in the White House.

The President-elect Joe Biden has Spoken at Lecturn on matters related to the COVID 19 virus

In the White House, the President-elect has been looking for ways with which he can prove his entire administration against Covid 19.

Outside the Supreme Court, there was a man that just ended his vigil. He was in full support of all the things Donald Trump has been saying.

Donald Trump still believes he won the presidential election. He feels that the elections were rigged in favor of Joe Biden. He still does not want to agree or concede that he was defeated.

Donald Trump has decided he would go to Texas and try to change the election results in his favor. But I feel Trump should give it a rest. The people have chosen who they want. Trump should just enjoy the short time he has left as the president of the United States of America and be happy his time has passed. That is simply it.

Donald Trump has increased the politics related to the pandemic at the summit for the vaccine

In the evening, when the US vaccine got approved, Donald Trump has cranked up and increased the political rate of things happening.

I don’t know why they are using the virus and the effect it is having on simple citizens of the United States as a means to do politics. That is not fresh in any way. That is wrong in so many ways. Oh well, what do I know?