Trump’s Reaction to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

The 2020 US elections were held on the 3rd of November, 2020. For over a week, the nation watched with bated breath as both candidates inched their way towards 270+ electoral votes. On the 7th of November, Joe Biden reached and crossed that line when the electoral votes from Pennsylvania and Nevada tipped in his favor. The reactions were mind-blowing. Voters flocked to the streets of New York and other locations, celebrating the victory of President-Elect, Joe Biden. On the other side, some Republican party supporters argued against the validity of the elections with claims of voter fraud and election rigging rife in the air. President Trump did nothing to dispel those rumors. In fact, as of 10th of November after Joe Biden crossed the 270+ mark, President Trump has yet to acknowledge Biden’s victory or even give his concession speech. Instead, President Donald Trump’s reaction has been to deny the President-Elect’s victory, threaten to take them to court, and fuel the claims that mail-in votes for Donald Trump were being set ablaze.  None of these claims have been proven or backed with actual evidence.

President Donald Trump has still not conceded the election. His rapid response team is still calling for donations. President Trump himself has tweeted several times that he is “winning by a lot,” he is threatening to take the results to court despite pleas from Jared Kushner and Melania Trump, the First Lady. He is also asking his supporters to report and recount moments of voter fraud in their polls. President Trump has also said that he doesn’t know if he will concede easily or willingly hand over power to the next administration. This is evident in his actions. In just the past week (Nov 3 – Nov 10), the President has fired or replaced three officials who led agencies. Mark Meadows, who is the chief of staff has just been with the coronavirus.

Although Trump is still on course to win the 15 electoral seats of North Carolina, that will only bring him to 229 electoral votes, and he needs 270. Biden on the other hand is set to win the 16 electoral votes of Georgia which will bring his total to 306.

The 2020 US Election was one with high stakes. The amount of voters who turned up to vote is the highest ever recorded making Joe Biden the President-Elect with the highest number of votes. This was the election coming after the coronavirus pandemic which is one of the biggest criticisms of the Trump administration. The absence of a singular body giving science-backed information on the coronavirus has fueled anti-mask protests and conspiracy theories claiming the coronavirus isn’t real even after the US has recorded over 5 million cases and over 200 thousand deaths. Citizens and medical health experts have criticized the way the Trump administration handled the pandemic citing the fact that he continued to hold mass rallies and made fun of Joe Biden for wearing a mask. Perhaps the cherry on top was the moment he tested positive for the coronavirus. Although Trump’s administration has had several successes with foreign policy and the economy, the atmosphere heading into the election was one fraught with tension, anxiety, and of course, fears concerning the coronavirus.

Trump’s erratic reaction has raised fears on whether he will concede and hand over power in January of 2021. For now, all we can do is hope that the inauguration goes smoothly.