Hundred of thousands of lives have been lost due to pandemics. And so many Americans have been grieving in isolation. It is not a joyful thing to discuss, but it is a very thoughtful thing for installing on a national Mall to provide a space for morning the nation and loved ones.

Read on to find out how they tend to achieve it.

Created Memorial For Covid 19 Victims

There are white flags that blanket 20 acres of National Mall made while walking across the deceased. It has been put in place to honor the Americans that can lose their lives through COVID-19. Because of this issue, many visitors who pass through the dead bodies always stop to put in writing a short note that talks about farewell on the flag with their own hands.

So many people don’t get the chance to say a proper goodbye to their loved ones before they die. They only get the chance to say an intimate goodbye or a national goodbye.

From all corners of the world, families, friends, and other relatives of the victims affected by COVID-19 have done all they can to be available to come over and see the “America remember.” Over 680000 people who have been affected by the pandemic have been honored through a public art installation, says Maryland artist Suzanne Brennan. There is a flag exhibit that goes on on Sunday on the ground, which Washington Monument surrounds.

There are hundreds of flags in rows distributed in sections of 149; each flag has a foot from the ground. There is a breathtaking immensity of loss. And workers help in the installation exhibits, which also includes over 300 volunteered.

A white flag was placed by Ellen Benson, who came from Bergen County, NJ. The flag expresses his heartfelt sympathy. When it says, “in their heart and soul every single day, it shows how they miss their dead loved ones so much that they can’t forget who they are. Some will never believe that such could happen to them; some will think it’s just another common dream they will wake up. But the fact is that they are gone.

Not too long when borders were being sealed, and schools and people started experiencing lockdown. Unfortunately, Benson’s husband was gone, along with your two sons and father. It is so bad that it can run a person insane. Before you can think  Of any solution, you will be devastated. Hence the chance of sending messages to a dead loved one can go a long way in releasing pains.

It is a year and a half old since COVID-19 that we have been dealing with covid. It all seems like it was yesterday; that’s is what Benson confessed. He also adds,” what you think life will look like, suddenly everything ends and leave you with nothing.

Most times, we tend to have fulfilling plans, calculating everything, and doing our best. Death is like an enemy everyone disdain, but no matter who you are, there’s nothing you can do if it knocks on your door.

The pandemic has left millions of people trying to get in touch with their husbands or those trying to reconcile the human cost that is involving the public crisis. Not everyone but few people have gotten used to the situation, but others are more inclined at finding answers to what happened to their loved ones.


The creation of a memorial to COVID-19 victims is a very thoughtful decision to make. But the lives that were lost is a very safe experience, a each of their family and friends will continue to remember them through the mean provided.