October 1, 2021, is the time that the new fiscal year (FY) will begin. And the 12 appropriations bills have the setting on how Congress will not have enacted the discretionary spending levels. The deadline for lawmakers is until midnight during the final day of the fiscal year.

The enacting of legislation that will fund the programs covered by the appropriate process should be done on September 30; failure to do so will lead to the shutdown of the government. A continuing resolution is likely to be considered, and the resolution will allow lawmakers more time to finish the work on spending bills. All activities of the federal will be affected during the shutdown of 2022.

Appropriations of discretionary cover the activities of federals. Opposition came way back during the recent 2019 shutdown that started in late 2018, stretching towards early 2019. During that shutdown, it affected agencies and departments. Therefore, we are going to discuss some questions, which includes:

  • What Is Government Shutdown?
  • What Are The Services That Is affected In A Shutdown And How?
  • Is The Government Preparing For Shutdown?

What Is Government Shutdown?

Congress passes annual funding, which a lot of federal government agencies and programs put their trust in. Each year, it is like a duty for Congress to pass, and the government must sign the following year’s budget legislation. The next year’s budget legislation consisted of 12 appropriations bills and one for each Appropriations subcommittee.

Congress has not yet enacted the 12 bills for FY 2022 that have the discretionary spending budget. The federal agencies will have to stop all discretionary functions that are not important during a “shutdown.” It can only be lifted when new legislation funding is signed and passed into law. But essential services will have to continue functioning just like the mandatory spending programs.

What are the services that are affected by a shutdown, and how?

Each federal agency is developing shutdown plans, and the guidance that will be released during the previous shutdown; the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will coordinate everything. The activity of government that is likely to be discontinued as be identified through the plan, until the restoration of appropriations, which the requirements of layoffs and the halting of many activities of the agency.

Therefore let’s look into The services affected and how the public will feet the impact of a shutdown in different ways.

  • Social Security and Medicare-:

Benefit verification and card insurance would stop when checks are issued out. In 1995-1996, a shutdown occurred, and 10,000 Medicare applicants were turned away temporarily during the shutdown every day. But it is unlikely for such to occur again.

  • Environmental and Food Inspection-:

Site inspection of 1,200 various sites, including hazardous waste, chemical facilities, drinking water, and Food and Drug Administration, was halted In 2013 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and it delayed over 900 inspectors. The shutdown that took place 2018-2019, few weeks into the deadline of funding for high-risk products, was restored by the FDA in some food Inspections.

  • National Park-:

So many visitors have turned away to over 400 parks, national monuments, and other sites by the national Park-service in 2013. An estimate was given that the shutdown led to more than $00 million of lost visitor spending nationwide. Although many parks were still opened during the 2018-2019 shutdown, no visitor service was provided.

Is the government preparing for a shutdown?

The OMB maintains a list of different contingency plans, and the federal government will follow suit during a shutdown. During the past three years, many updates have been done, but during a shutdown threat during late 2015, there have not been any updates.


We have seen the important things there is to know about the shutdown of the federal government. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is the one in charge of coordinating all procedures. Although during any shutdown, we have also seen the negative effect on how it affected some services.