Will the U.S. Economy Recover Since COVID?

COVID-19 what is it? No, tell me, what do you want from me? I am sick and tired of seeing you practically everywhere and everyplace. This afternoon I read on the news that you are coming back for round two with the world. Now here I am writing another piece about you. Wouldn’t you let me be? This is how you have stressed and frustrated the United States Economy. You have aided in dwindling the rates of agricultural production and the levels of productivity in all aspects of life. This article is simply going to tell you how we the world is annoyed, angry, and frustrated with the entire issue of Covid 19. It would also talk about the chances the United States Economy has in recovering since the beginning of the pandemic.

How People Have Been Thriving in the Lockdown

Covid-19 came and hit the world fully and seriously in March 2020. As it came, it chased everyone out of their offices and into their homes. Like we all needed to stay inside to prevent ourselves from catching any virus or disease. This helped to save a lot of people. Though there are essential workers that for sure needed to go and attend their jobs, there were some of them who went home with these diseases. Some of them with time got cured and life continued. Well in the end people that survived and thrived through this period ended up living a happier life. The general question now is, how did they do it? Several different offices sent their staff and officers to start working from the comfort of their homes. This later ended in these people working and trying to provide for themselves all they needed. But how did this affect the economy?

No matter what anyone says, a pandemic? Are you kidding me, do you know the effects and the impact of handling and fighting a pandemic? That’s what Covid 19 brought to the entire world. Not just the United States. People have had to fight to survive, with low production rates and everything being poor all around, trust me when I say it hasn’t been easy. But it’s all good. Let’s look at how the United States Economy can Since COVID came.

How the U.S. Economy Recover Since COVID?

There’s only one way I see off the top of my head that the United States Economy would recover. In the presence of the New President, he should let in immigrants as much as possible into the United States. But not just any immigrants. Immigrants that are sharp, that are learned, that are truly productive. Let them add to the workforce of the people in the United States. This way, it would help increase the rate of production and try to put everything back on track. With this, I feel new dawn would begin and things would recover and even become better than it was before Covid came.